Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Just don't understand the vitriol

When you read this, it doesn't make any sense why Hillary Clinton and all of the people who stand behind her are acting so nasty.  Is it just their nature?  Are they warming up for Trump (or Cruz, as the case may be)?  Do they think they can win in the fall without many of the Sandernistas, or will they simply bludgeon them into submission with the "SCOTUS" cudgel?

After a pretty massive defeat in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could use some good news, and she got a bunch of it on Wednesday. According to a new set of polls released by Public Policy Polling (PPP), Clinton leads Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in 10 of 12 early March primary states, and in nine of those, she holds double-digit leads of anywhere from ten points (in Michigan) to 34 (in Mississippi and Georgia). Sanders leads only in his home state of Vermont and its neighbor, Massachusetts.

Go, click over to PPP.  Ted's got a lot of bar-graphing to do.

State Clinton Sanders Spread
Alabama 59% 31% Clinton +28
Arkansas 57% 32% Clinton +25
Georgia 60% 26% Clinton +34
Louisiana 60% 29% Clinton +31
Massachusetts 42% 49% Sanders +7
Michigan 50% 40% Clinton +10
Mississippi 60% 26% Clinton +34
Oklahoma 46% 44% Clinton +2
Tennessee 58% 32% Clinton +26
Texas 57% 34% Clinton +23
Virginia 56% 34% Clinton +22
Vermont 10% 86% Sanders +76

Meanwhile, Primo at Juanita Jean's has caught up with me.

I'd like to see some cessation of hostilities from Clintonites from here on.  Can they manage it?


Gadfly said...

Bludgeon away on SCOTUS they can. I'm at the Doug Henwood point. Let all 9 die and let's stop fetishizing the court.

Second, no, they can't handle it. "The smell of fear surrounds them."

Third, if Bernie pulls off even a second tie in Nevada, their colons and anal sphincters will tighten even more. That's half the fun, as I've said before — Bernie is a useful cudgel to beat them over the head. And an ever-more-fun one, too, you know?

Gadfly said...

Oh, and if you want a laff, since I'm the only small-town member of Texas Progressives, here's my 10-gallon hat version of rural Texas primary campaigning.

Ted McLaughlin said...

Maybe they are just responding to all the attacks on Hillary by Bernie supporters.

PDiddie said...

Maybe those people are assholes and poor sports, as they are winning, and since we are spit-balling.

Are you still blocking me from commenting at your place? If you aren't, why aren't my comments being posted?

CouldBeTrue said...

Your post is very snarky and alienating. Not conducive to a truce at all. There have been out of bound supporters on both sides.

PDiddie said...

That's a false equivalency, CBT (if you can point out a number equal number of lies that Sanders or his supporters have told, you might have a point). Anyway, you read this blog often enough to know that I'm not in the peace-negotiating business.

It's in Clinton's greater interest to tell her supporters to put down the kitchen sink.