Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sunday "Once More Unto the Breach" Funnies

Did I mention that I wasn't relishing the forthcoming election cycle?

I thought I did.
This would include the '23 H-Town municipal elections, and by proxy our local progressive (sic) blogger cutting and pasting the Houston Chronicle and turgidly explaining What It Means.

The horror of reading Kuffner's banality pales, of course, in comparison to the realities of daily living in these Untied States.  That will intensify, sadly.

So if you're able to distract yourself with football (both kinds) and if you are not yet weary of turkey tetrazzini, turkey enchiladas, turkey sandwiches, turkey soup ... I know a guy who knows a mother.
Judging by my rapidly declining follower count -- and Elon Musk's interpretation of free speech absolutism -- I'd say we're already back to 'Twitter is a cesspool'.

Cartoonists celebrated the life -- birth actually -- of one of their greatest peers.
And it's always fun to watch The Resistance devolve into incoherence.  Or maybe that's socialism.  Nah, it's resistance.
Finished your holiday shopping yet?

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Turkey Toons

Tried to keep it light for the holiday, but ...
Is it the end yet? (I'm still deciding.)
Thank goodness America has a new country with rampant corporate corruption, sportswashing, and ignorance of their own moral hypocrisy to make fun of.
If you're still patronizing the worst coffee retailer in the world, can you a) not cross a picket line; b) at least patronize a union shop.
And don't give to the Salvation Army; give directly via your cash app of choice to people you know who need help this holiday season.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

'Oligarcy Wins and We Lose' Funnies

So much winning.
I am not looking forward to the next couple of years.
But Hillary Clinton is not the only reason.
And it's going to be very depressing if it has to be endured with Trump and his giddy fascists back on Twitter, or alas, without Twitter at all.
So perhaps I'll be able to focus on cheerier subjects.  Like the forthcoming climate apocalypse, and our so-called leaders' efforts to pretend to do something about it.
I sneer because I care.  The next two years -- and many after that -- will mostly be just a pain in the ass to me.  There will, on the other hand, be many less fortunate who suffer greatly and die terribly as a result of poor choices made by my species in the past, present, and yes, future.
Oh well.  Maybe the wealthy will be fat and tasty.  Enjoy your turkey.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sunday Red Trickle Funnies

Thank Dishrag that's over.

Oh wait; no it's not.
There were too many sad surfer cartoons to choose from as I perused and collated this week.  A dejected elephant on a stranded surfboard was the trite theme.  Schadenfreude remains a hot topic though, and one I certainly relish.

There appears to have been a changing of the guard among the Big Media and their sycophantic influence in the past week or so.  Fox is railing against Trump; MSDNC's ratings topped theirs -- though all viewing of election coverage was droopy -- and CNN's state of flux has them in limbo.  And as we know, both Twitter and Facebook are imploding in real time.  There's never been a better atmosphere for independent media to assert itself since 2004 and the explosion of online news consumption (namely blogs).

Before Joe Biden and the Donks finish their victory lap, they'd be wise to consider the Americans who are not participating in the great economic surge.

And here's to the pollsters, who once again demonstrated that theirs is one of the biggest scams in American politics.