Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sunday "Once More Unto the Breach" Funnies

Did I mention that I wasn't relishing the forthcoming election cycle?

I thought I did.
This would include the '23 H-Town municipal elections, and by proxy our local progressive (sic) blogger cutting and pasting the Houston Chronicle and turgidly explaining What It Means.

The horror of reading Kuffner's banality pales, of course, in comparison to the realities of daily living in these Untied States.  That will intensify, sadly.

So if you're able to distract yourself with football (both kinds) and if you are not yet weary of turkey tetrazzini, turkey enchiladas, turkey sandwiches, turkey soup ... I know a guy who knows a mother.
Judging by my rapidly declining follower count -- and Elon Musk's interpretation of free speech absolutism -- I'd say we're already back to 'Twitter is a cesspool'.

Cartoonists celebrated the life -- birth actually -- of one of their greatest peers.
And it's always fun to watch The Resistance devolve into incoherence.  Or maybe that's socialism.  Nah, it's resistance.
Finished your holiday shopping yet?

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