Thursday, March 31, 2022

The #SEJ2022 and #TDOV Wrangle

Since the Society of Environmental Journalists is convening locally this end-of-week, let's begin with some climate posts.

Now you know why I'm voting for Hunter Crow.

-- The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality awaits the results of its Sunset Commission performance review; in the meanwhile, it has denied a petition to create a rule against issuing wastewater discharge permits on pristine streams like Barton Creek in Austin.  And a story from earlier this month noted the agency's inability to communicate effectively en Espanol.

-- "Embattled Cuellar Distancing Himself From Koch Money":

(Koch Industries') move to stay in operation in Russia has added a new level of toxicity to Cuellar’s political career. A spokesperson for the representative told CNBC that “Congressman Cuellar has not received any money from the Koch Brothers this year and will not accept any future campaign contributions until they disassociate from Russia.”

Earlier this year, Cuellar’s office was raided by the FBI. Though law enforcement has been tight-lipped about what exactly they are investigating Cuellar for, experts speculate that it may be related to illegal actions by Azerbaijan oil companies. Cuellar has lobbied for the interests of the Azeri government and participated in trips to the country that included meetings with the heads of the state oil company.

-- Ku Klux Climate: Coal, Petro-Palingenesis, and the Historical Materialism of Fossil Fascism, by Paul Street

It's also a big week for social justice.

Here's some politics news.

Edwards is the epitome of the worst kind of Democrat IMO: a platitude-mouthed centrist.  She'll only draw votes from Chris Hollins and let John Whitmire ease in to the top of the Bagby horse shoe.

I need some calm-me-downs.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

A Blooming Bluebonnet Wrangle from Far Left Texas

Yesterday's Slap-Rock was more than the usual disturbing, and everybody naturally had a take, so I'm sprinkling in some wildflowers today to take the edge off.

That doesn't mean I'm going soft on the morons, bigots, criminals, and assholes.

See?  Right here's where we need some aromatherapy.

Wildflowers or wildfires?  You decide.

Go ahead and start planning your weekend, whether it's political action or something else (or both).

Not enough mellow for you?  Here's some more.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Rock-Slapped Wrangle from Far Left Texas

(A)ny references to geopolitical causes or pleas for humanity were overshadowed by the blow that Will Smith landed on Chris Rock. It used to be that partisan statements triggered a bit of discord and division in the room; this time it was one of Rock’s crass jokes about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

The segue to Texas relevance:

(Oscars co-host Wanda) Sykes later took aim at the wave of new voting restrictions when she presented a shredded piece of paper. “You like democracy? Here is a voter registration form for the state of Texas,” she said.

And with that ...

And the Texas Observer would like the next land commissioner to forget the Alamo and focus on more important things.

Only the usual fail by our corporate state media.  Here are the social injustice Tweets.

And the legal and criminal injustice ones.

And some environmetal headlines.

It was unsettling to read about the upheaval at the Observer.

This review of a very disconcerting week -- not taking into account the developments in Ukraine, at the Supreme Court confirmation hearings, and essentially every direction in which you might have glanced -- requires a few extra soothers.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

A Weekend Ketchup Wrangle

I fell behind taking time off this week, and a few things happened.  Some are worth revisiting.

And some are not.  But I document the atrocities here, so ...

Here's some Houston and Harris County developments that the two Democrat blogs who allegedly cover this beat haven't mentioned yet.

I've never seen that look on Judge Hidalgo's face before.  She appears nauseous.  Hope she's feeling okay.  (Probably feels better than Felicity Pereyra).

One last item regarding two other blue losers.

More politics, more criminal and social justice and injustice news, some environmental updates, and a large collection of soothers coming.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

"It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" Wrangle

Let's talk about the weather.

Just the usual in H-Town; flooded streets, swollen bayous, some power outages.  A different story in the Panhandle, though.

So I guess we can talk about the climate.

 A healthcare update:

"I just don't agree with abolishing private insurance", says Rep. Sylvia Garcia, pictured above.  We have a lot of shitty Democrats in the Lone Star State, and La Congresista isn't even the worst one (that title goes to my Congress creature, Lizzie Fletcher.  But at least Fletcher isn't pretending to be something she isn't: progressive).

I suppose that segues to Ted Cruz.

Here's some updates to yesterday's and also last Thursday's posts.

And more shootings.

And two soothers, one referenced yesterday.

Monday, March 21, 2022

"Rachel Levine is a Woman; Ken Paxton is a Criminal" Wrangle

I'll update when it's available.

Out in SA reports on a divorce case involving two men who would be considered common-law married if that had been a thing for same sex couples before Obergefell.  The San Antonio Current shows us some billboard ads from the Trevor Project that take aim at Greg Abbott's anti-trans order.

Moving on to recent legal developments regarding voting rights and women's rights.

That will be my segue to the legal and social justice lowlights.

And the bad apple cops, spoiling the whole bunch.

Thankfully the news isn't all bad.

But our teachers are still fighting on every front.

Here's a few environmental notes.

And a large collection of calm-me-downs.

The Austin Chronicle highlights the best music they heard at SXSW.

Barrio Dogs, the rescue organization founded by Zenteno's family, will host its 12th anniversary party this Sunday.  Great music, good food, and sweet pups.