Sunday, September 10, 2023

The Gaslight Zone Funnies

Here’s one for my colleagues who haven’t thought of their 9/11 cartoon yet. Draw a bald eagle with a tear drop coming out of one of his eyes, make sure it doesn’t look like a money shot, and give him a thought balloon containing the World Trade Center. You’re done and you’ll get a gazillion reprints, just so long as that tear doesn’t look too jizzy.

Never Forget Something Something

Mike Flugennock, still considerably more cynical than me:

Yep, I heard Americans were kinda missing being in quarantine and out of work with no safety net; friends, family and neighbors getting sick and dying, science denialists going apeshit, government and media blaming China for everything, so here I am — back again, Amerika, right when you’re trying to stir up a world war and inflation’n'austerity are crushing the shit out of you, and your influence is cratering and you’ve just been made a global fool of and you’re cruising for comeuppance, yeah — heard ya’ missed me, so I’m back to fuck your shit up, Amerika.
A four-parter from Nick Anderson, in collaboration with the Houston Chronicle op-ed folks and Nick's shop, Reform Austin, explaining the impeachment of Ken Paxton.

And my tie-in to the Houston municipal elections.

Saluting The Nib and Chelsea Saunders:

And also Ben Passmore.
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Sunday, September 03, 2023

Sunday Laborious Funnies

Pretty sure Jimmy Buffett never drank a frozen magarita out of a single rocks glass (unless it was the only one clean, I suppose).