Sunday, May 26, 2024

"Freak Flag Fly" Funnies

This Memorial Day ... never forget.
Before the libs start blaming Jill Stein for the SCOTUS again, let's refocus on the actual problem.
“After the January 6th Capitol riot, social media companies blocked Donald Trump’s accounts. His poll numbers, which had been awful, began to creep up. Now he’s being silenced again by being stuck in court four days a week and subject to a partial gag order, and the same phenomenon is happening again. The less voters hear from the former president, the better they like him.”

News: Biden doesn't believe his abysmal polling. Neither do Senate Democrats. Apparently all they have to do in order to defeat Trump in November is ... hang out. Chillax. Wait around.
Ampersand at Alas! A Blog has been posting thoughtful societal commentary. Click over and read them both; here's some excerpts.
As some of you know, a couple of weeks ago – which is approximately forty centuries in internet time – a question went viral on the web: Asking women if they’d rather be in the woods with an unknown bear or an unknown man?
One odd thing about being an atheist, as many atheists have pointed out, is that although we disbelieve in all gods, many of us extra disbelieve in a particular God – whichever God was dominant where we grew up.

In my case, even though I’m Jewish, the God I extra disbelieve in isn’t the Old Testament God – although I disbelieve in him too – but the mainstream American Christian God, the God of sending people to Hell if they haven’t gotten the good word and repented and sent in money and voted pro-life.

It was the hedge fund bustout, not the Endless Shrimp, that cooked them.
Congrats to Peter Kuper, and RIP cartoonists Ed Hall and Ron Moffatt.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

"Welcome to Dystopia" Funnies

Try to find some humor in the darkness. And don't miss 'Texas Flood' at the end.
Hearing the echoing voice of Nicolle "How did we get here?" Wallace.
Brainworm jokes still cracking me up.
Well there's floodin' down in Texas
All of the telephone lines are down
Well there's floodin' down in Texas
All of the telephone lines are down
And I've been tryin' to call my baby
Lord and I can't get a single sound

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Wormy Funnies

"More than just one worm". Can Zionism be reclassified as a parasitic infection?
How about whatever's going on inside Trump's skull?

Or does the fault lie in our media's obsession with a 2016 rerun?

Guess who Big Oil is going to blame for the climate crisis?

Sunday, May 05, 2024

'Cop and Gown' Funnies

Celebrating graduates the 1968 way, with stomp and circumstance.
As Rob Rogers points out, the crackdown on free speech and assembly being seen on college campuses is at least partly the result of a combination of donor interference with university governance and the harassment of college administrators by a hostile GOP House.

Back in the Vietnam days, we’d read the furious letters in the alumni magazine and laugh, but back then college presidents were made of stronger stuff, Congress blustered but kept hands off, and with a few exceptions it was expected that students were young and idealistic and prone to raising hell from time to time.

Campus cops didn’t carry guns then, and the local police didn’t have armored cars with which to break into buildings the students had taken over.
Corporate media *ahem CNN* failed in most spectacular fascion.
Perhaps we should remind ourselves what the campus protests are about.