Sunday, February 19, 2023

Sunday 'Derailed' Toons

As we look to the heavens for mysterious balloons overhead, we may catch a glimpse of oil industry profits somewhere in the upper stratosphere. (Or more likely in the exosphere.)

The West’s top oil and gas corporations posted eye-popping profits recently, with a combined total of around $200 billion for the leading five oil giants.

War profiteering and taking advantage of consumers as inflation rose? Not according to the oil-soaked CEOs. Record-breaking profits merely show that they are doing everything right as they lead the world to a green energy future. Never mind that their actual investments in renewable energy pale in comparison to what they put into fossil fuels.

Oil and gas industry shills are quick to point out neat greenwashing programs like powering one (1) bus with coffee grounds and collecting “renewable natural gas” (also known as cow farts).

Don’t be fooled, they’re war profiteers who saw their chance to make up for profits lost during the Covid pandemic—as their balance sheets and corporate planning show, they have no intention of undermining their core business by switching to renewables.

Watch the video "Big Oil, Big Green" from Mark Fiore on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Sunday 'Trial Balloons' Funnies

In two major polls released (last Monday), most Democrats said they want someone besides President Biden as their nominee in '24. 37% of Dems in an AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll said they want Biden to seek a second term — down from 52% in the weeks before last year's midterms. 31% of Dems and Dem-leaning independents in an ABC News-Washington Post poll said the party should re-nominate Biden. 58% — almost twice as many — want someone else. By contrast, 44% of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents want Trump.

Will wait for Ted to graph these out after he settles back into blogging after his Jamaican vacation (hope you got braids and some Bob Marley veggies, old boy). And maybe anticipate a SOTU bump.

I am not.

But I was hoping for some late-arriving UFO toons; alas, it looks as if they'll be appearing in the Tweet feed later this week.
Enjoy the very large football game this evening, then for Jeebus' sake focus on your Valentine.  Here in H-Town we're already gearing up for the Fat Stock Show and Rodeo (that's what they called it when I was a kid) while celebrating Mardi Gras and mudbug season.  Next month we'll be hosting the Final Four.  So more madness than usual about.

Sunday, February 05, 2023

Sunday "Whitewashing Black History Month" Funnies

News item: Ron DeSantis to visit Texas in March to help Republicans in Harris and Dallas counties raise money.  As if collecting funds was something they needed help with.
Self-inflicted color blindness is not a condition limited to the governor of Florida or even the GOP, as the slow kids in class learned this week.
Conservatives' lack of vision -- short-term and long -- points to a glaring need for improving public education and the accessibility of learning outside of school (books, libraries, teachers, and so on).  All things they're working to stifle.
But Democrats seem more interested in playing their Trump cards, screeching about the imaginary debt default, and crowing about Joe Biden's grand economy.  It seems to this observer that we're now living not in two Americas but three; the third being reality.