Sunday, June 30, 2024

Happy Independents Week Funnies

Thursday night's political earthquake -- for the centrist establishment (Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, I see you) -- roiled minds lodged too firmly in denial.

I mean, some of us, we been paying attention. And pointing it out.

So I couldn't stomach the thought of watching and didn't but committed the unforced error of following on Xitter while watching baseball. Which must be what getting lung cancer from second-hand smoke must feel like.

Conclusion: Easy Mission (convince America you're not ... you know) Easily Not Accomplished.
Blue MAGA rallied the cheerleaders under #StillRidinWithBiden on Friday, but Brad Friedman quickly offered a friendly suggestion before taking the week off.

Those of us who've cared for an elder parent know how difficult it is when circumstances dictate that it's time to take away the car keys or start evaluating assisted living options.

Those being the options of what we used to call the 'upper middle class'. As you may know a lot of seniors not so fortunate as Joe Biden are hitting the streets, and the SCOTUS just criminalized homelessness. Not my definition of 'assistance'.
Yeah painful. Especially when you've been whistling past the graveyard for years.

Whatever the Dims choose to do -- or don't do -- about Biden will continue to strain their laughable conflation of 'democracy'. That self-delusion does not appear to be registering on their hypocrisy meters any more than the public elder abuse of the POTUS by the FLOTUS.

Oh well. At least they're saying the election will be decided by people like me. (That's me, on the far left, in the green shirt).

Sunday, June 23, 2024

'Bumping Stocks and Hanging Ten' Funnies

"Both major-party candidates are unpalatable to the vast majority of voters. Yet most of those very same voters respond to the suggestion that they cast votes for a third-party candidate as though it were outlandish."

Will They 'Yahtzee' Willie's Catch

Sunday, June 16, 2024

'Theater of the Absurd' Funnies

"Do you have something with a heat dome but no fires?"

Sunday, June 09, 2024

Trump-Free Funnies

It might be the genocide that the people in charge say isn't happening.

A dozen Republican senators sent a written threat to the International Criminal Court warning them not to issue an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Which is itself illegal under international law.
Let's not spare MAGA their well-earned derision. I think -- given the overreach of the Grand Old Patriarch party -- the Donks can make hay with women on reproductive rights ... never mind Obama and his Congressional super majorities failing to codify Roe, or RBG hanging on too long at SCOTUS, and the variety of "other priorities" the Democrats always seem to have.

But they need to get smarter about it.
When contraceptives are outlawed, only outlaws will be able to obtain contraceptives.
Ken Paxton's eye very well characterized here.

Sunday, June 02, 2024

Choices Funnies

A convicted felon or a Zionist who funds genocide?
"Biden is bad but Trump will be worse" how exactly? Team Blue squandered womens' repro rights and you expect them to be restored when it's their half-century to fundraise off the SCOTUS?

So ... none of the above? You'll be shamed for doing so by those who are unable to think outside the two-party box, intellectually disabled by their TDS/BDS.

Once more, for those who need a civics refresher: it's not third parties, it's the Electoral College. The real worthless votes are the ones cast for Joe Biden in Texas, Donald Trump in California, and so on like that in Blue MAGA and Red MAGA states. (There's a compelling argument for voting for a non-duopoly candidate in a swing state, but some of you still aren't ready for that conversation.)

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
Biden’s problems with younger voters are glaring, poll finds
Happy Pride Month.