Sunday, December 25, 2022

Sunday "All I Want" Funnies

Happy holidays to Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Boeing et. al.

All that I -- and little Suzie below, courtesy Mark Fiore -- want for Xmas is a lot more than a Trump indictment, prosecution, conviction, and imprisonment.

That doesn’t mean the Insurrector-in-Chief will actually be indicted by the DOJ, but it is one step closer to happening.  The holiday season really is a time of wonder and magic!

Speaking of magic, Congress passed a $858 billion defense budget that barely caused a ripple. According to the New York Times, this cash haul is “the second highest in inflation-adjusted terms since World War II.”  If you haven’t hung out your shingle as an arms dealer, now might be the time.

Meanwhile it looks like most Republicans and Democrats in Congress are in no hurry to ban stock trades, so the smell of conflict of interest wafting through the hallways will probably be stronger than the smell of chestnuts.

And even though we might not have as much cash as the Pentagon or certain families in Congress, I hope you have a wonderful holiday(s)!

Would Christians who behave more like Christ be too much to ask?  I'm thinking 'probably'.
You may have noticed a dissimilarity between 'wolves' as viewed through right and left lenses.
Here's a toast to our least favorite billionaire for 2023: may your business acumen propel you to millionaire status in the New Year.
And Politico has the cartoon year-in-review.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Sunday 'Supertramp' Funnies

supertramp -- a species of organism that disperses widely and is not adapted to any specific environment
I said now watch what you say, they'll be calling you a radical
A liberal, oh fanatical, criminal
Oh won't you sign up your name? We'd like to feel you're acceptable
Respectable, oh presentable, a vegetable
So you think your schooling is phony
I guess it's hard not to agree
You say, "It all depends on money
And who is in your family tree"

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Sunday "Trading Places" Funnies

Republicans and Democrats in Congress recently joined together to force rail workers to accept a contract with exactly zero paid sick days and one measly “personal day.” Thanks to the 1926 Railway Labor Act, lawmakers sided with (surprise, surprise!) multi-billion dollar rail corporations instead of workers.

Sunday, December 04, 2022

Sunday "Abandon Hope All Ye" Funnies

Still cringing about blue pill/red pill.
And making a supreme effort to stay you-know-who-free here.
Topic du jour of the week: railroaded.

Appropriately bipartisan, but there's still supposed to be a party that gives a shit about working people.  Allegedly.

So this observer applauds both a general strike in defiance of the government's ban against the rail unions' striking and the formation of a third party to address the concerns of labor and the working class.  Or better yet, labor finally waking up and smelling the coffee to join forces with the Greens.

Yes, I buried the lede toon (so you'd scroll this far).

Mike Flugennock drew a great Musk FashPhone before Tim Apple and the Chief Twit managed to smooth over their differences.
Tom Tomorrow -- who'd probably like to take more time off -- ponders the existentialism of the political toonist keeping up with current events.
And this God makes more sense than the one being translated by evangelical Christians.  That doesn't mean they're not both figments of man's imagination.

I might not be the free speech absolutist that Elon Musk fancies himself to be since there's a list of books I wish were banned.

Existential Comics checks in on the striking university philosophy department staffers in the UK (there are also college staff on strike in California).  As Daily Cartoonist notes, the accompanying explanation is as funny as the toon.
Last, the legacy of 1960s underground artist Aline Kominsky-Crumb serves as her best eulogy.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sunday "Once More Unto the Breach" Funnies

Did I mention that I wasn't relishing the forthcoming election cycle?

I thought I did.
This would include the '23 H-Town municipal elections, and by proxy our local progressive (sic) blogger cutting and pasting the Houston Chronicle and turgidly explaining What It Means.

The horror of reading Kuffner's banality pales, of course, in comparison to the realities of daily living in these Untied States.  That will intensify, sadly.

So if you're able to distract yourself with football (both kinds) and if you are not yet weary of turkey tetrazzini, turkey enchiladas, turkey sandwiches, turkey soup ... I know a guy who knows a mother.
Judging by my rapidly declining follower count -- and Elon Musk's interpretation of free speech absolutism -- I'd say we're already back to 'Twitter is a cesspool'.

Cartoonists celebrated the life -- birth actually -- of one of their greatest peers.
And it's always fun to watch The Resistance devolve into incoherence.  Or maybe that's socialism.  Nah, it's resistance.
Finished your holiday shopping yet?

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Turkey Toons

Tried to keep it light for the holiday, but ...
Is it the end yet? (I'm still deciding.)
Thank goodness America has a new country with rampant corporate corruption, sportswashing, and ignorance of their own moral hypocrisy to make fun of.
If you're still patronizing the worst coffee retailer in the world, can you a) not cross a picket line; b) at least patronize a union shop.
And don't give to the Salvation Army; give directly via your cash app of choice to people you know who need help this holiday season.