Sunday, September 10, 2023

The Gaslight Zone Funnies

Here’s one for my colleagues who haven’t thought of their 9/11 cartoon yet. Draw a bald eagle with a tear drop coming out of one of his eyes, make sure it doesn’t look like a money shot, and give him a thought balloon containing the World Trade Center. You’re done and you’ll get a gazillion reprints, just so long as that tear doesn’t look too jizzy.

Never Forget Something Something

Mike Flugennock, still considerably more cynical than me:

Yep, I heard Americans were kinda missing being in quarantine and out of work with no safety net; friends, family and neighbors getting sick and dying, science denialists going apeshit, government and media blaming China for everything, so here I am — back again, Amerika, right when you’re trying to stir up a world war and inflation’n'austerity are crushing the shit out of you, and your influence is cratering and you’ve just been made a global fool of and you’re cruising for comeuppance, yeah — heard ya’ missed me, so I’m back to fuck your shit up, Amerika.
A four-parter from Nick Anderson, in collaboration with the Houston Chronicle op-ed folks and Nick's shop, Reform Austin, explaining the impeachment of Ken Paxton.

And my tie-in to the Houston municipal elections.

Saluting The Nib and Chelsea Saunders:

And also Ben Passmore.
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Sunday, September 03, 2023

Sunday Laborious Funnies

Pretty sure Jimmy Buffett never drank a frozen magarita out of a single rocks glass (unless it was the only one clean, I suppose).

Sunday, August 27, 2023

No Choice/Your Choice Funnies

Every single election, Democrats say the same exact thing: This is the most important election of our lifetime. Democracy itself is at stake. This is a vital time for us to come together and fight the Republicans because, this time unlike any other, they are dangerous and unreasonable. They would have more credibility were they to say, on occasion, that that wasn’t true.

"Democracy" (unless you think our uniquely American oligarchic mashup of plutocracy, gerontocracy, and kakistocracy meets the definition) is not on the ballot.  Those are Democrats.  And as they have repeatedly demonstrated -- long before Biden -- they're fascism light.

Yes, some rebranding is in order.  Just not the kind that they think (this applies to the Green Party in equal measure).