Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sunday "Bullet Points" Funnies

Another news item: The Supreme Court did not disclose its financial ties to former DHS secretary Michael Chertoff's company, which reviewed the court's Roe v. Wade leak probe.
Documents?  We got documents.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Sunday "Selective Focus" Funnies

Let's make fun of the usual suspects: Republicans.

It seems they're still having trouble distinguishing between a climate emergency and a climate "scam". Also some confusion on their part about who's scamming them.

It's possible the elites gathered in Switzerland know the differences and are perpetuating the con.
As long as it doesn't affect their ski vacations.

While the Supreme Court came up empty on its internal leak investigation ...

... the March for Gilead carried on as a victory celebration yesterday.

Is it possible that Janet Yellen has been converted to Modern Monetary Theory?  Nah, it's just a cartoon.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Sunday 'Documenting the Atrocities' Funnies

War has been on my mind this week.

Fruit comparisons were on cartoonists' minds after classified documents were announced as having been found in Joe Biden's old vice presidential office in November and then more recently at his Delaware home.  Some played down, some played up, some played off.
In a very busy week for Republicans -- as in not knowing whether to shit or go blind -- they stopped grousing about inflation, started and then stopped talking about M&Ms and gas stoves, and shifted quickly to another White House investigation.  Anything except their own problems.
The duopoly drama brought Two Party Opera back.
Inequality, and not the tired D vs. R scuffling, is more my focus, as with Jen Sorensen.
And the intractable climate and gun crises.

Sunday, January 08, 2023

Sunday 'Speaking of Kevin' Funnies

"I rise to be recognized ..."

More of that charade at Brad's. Here I will compare and contrast dueling ideologies, propaganda, and topics of concern to the less partisanized.
The marketplace is a terrible way to produce news. Because it the end, being the market, it’s not about what viewers need. Or about what viewers (think they) would prefer to see. It’s about giving those viewers who are willing to spend money whatever content makes them watch the most, because ratings means selling commercials means profit.

Any news that isn’t doing that is driven out of the market. It’s not enough to just be making a profit, because sooner or later the station or network will be bought out by someone whose interest isn’t in making a profit, but in making the most possible profit for the least cost.

And the easiest way to get viewers to read or click or watch is to make us feel like we’re in a violent crime wave.

Sunday, January 01, 2023

Twenty Twenty-Three Funnies

These toons of course are all from last year.  This year's will appear next week, after some news gets made and the artists react.  The circle of life and all that.

I probably won't be doing much more blogging going forward than I did in the last half of '22.  Uvalde broke me, and the failure of the Texas electorate to hold anyone accountable for it and all the other cruelty demonstrates a profound psychological dysfunction.

Greg Abbott and the rest are still playing 'hold my beer' with the lives and welfare of millions of people, and documenting those atrocities as I have over the past twenty years (my blog-versary was in November, whomp whomp) is beyond me.  The Lone Star State is rotten; filled with too many Christian fascists and entirely too many enablers, grifters, and 'good Germans'.  And I'm not seeing the fighters the Democrats keep calling themselves actually doing anything to slow the evil down, much less stop it.
So Happy New Fear.  More of that on the way; the Texas Lege convenes later this month.  In the meanwhile please be safe, warm, and find some joy outside the political arena.  Or respite, as the case may be.