Sunday, July 14, 2024

Happy Bastille Day Funnies

"If Joe Biden showed up to pick you up in an Uber, would you get in the car? Would you let a friend get in the car? Would you let your worst enemy get in that car? Maybe. Maybe. Dumb way to die, right folks?"Donald J. Trump Jr., Doral Rally, July 9, 2024
I wasn't expecting to find Clay Bennett and DJTJr broadcasting on the same wavelength this week, but these are strange days indeed.

The incident in Butler, Pennsylvania yesterday will IMHO only serve to amplify the rage of the Republican presumptive nominee's already-frothing base and the chaos of the 2024 election season. Democrats increasingly have no other choice but to replace their figurehead with someone who can hope to match the energy and intensity of Team Red MAGA. The conspiracy theories, like 'registered GOP' and 'ActBlue' for two, are already juicy.

Let's be clear: either of these maniacs could die suddenly, and certainly not by accident or at someone's malicious hand. Both are unqualified to serve. Voting for Trump or Biden -- or for that matter whatever stooge might replace them -- constitutes electoral malpractice.

There has never been a better moment in my lifetime and trust me, I'm old, to replace these two wretched political duopolists (UniParty if you prefer) with something that actually represents the people of the United States. But if we continue on this path, it will be red fascism or blue fascism, aka lite fash, the kind that smiles at women and gays and brown people but still won't do much of anything to help them. Because their sponsors would not approve.
*heavy sigh* That's a digression.

When the Russian Army was closing in on Berlin in 1945, history -- or lore -- records that rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun gathered his cohorts and told them it was time to choose: communists or capitalists. (Duck Duck Go Operation Paper Clip.) I believe Americans are at a similar crossroads: socialism or fascism.

Just sitting here hoping we don't do the same thing we've always done, expecting a different result.

"The old world is dying and the new world struggles to be born. Now is the time of monsters."
-- Antonio Gramsci

Sunday, July 07, 2024

"It's All Joeover but the Crying" Funnies

This is what democracy dying looks like.
Please note which loser is lashed to his podium, going down with the ship, and which isn't. At least Joe gave it his all. Yes, there's schadenfreude but it's rueful. And even I find Mike Flugennock a bit dramatic (sometimes).
Still, the plutocrats are offering to fund a "mini-primary", the choices in which they will undoubtedly select so that the little people can think they are deciding.

There actually were some funny cartoons about the Joementia dilemma last week.
Yes. We. Can.