Sunday, August 01, 2021

Sunday 'No Vaccine for Stupid' Funnies

Google's in-house political cartoonist quits over company's unfunny apparent lack of ethics

(Former Google unofficial corporate satirist Manu) Cornet was even able to feel the asphyxiating grasp of the Google oligarchy firsthand. When he published a selection of Goomix comics as a book in 2018, the then-Google employee claims a murder of corporate lawyers descended on his office and tried to coerce him into dropping some of the more critical comics of the Glorious Techpublic.
Having seen his satirical art barely affect the decline of the Alphabet utopia into a data dystopia, Cornet finally threw his floppy hat with bells into the ring. In 2021, he tendered his resignation from Google, citing: “I have to draw the line in the sand somewhere.” But since a fool is nothing without a foolish king, Cornet now draws his lines over at Twitter.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Environmental Round-Up, Part 2

As I mentioned a few weeks ago in Part One, this post will have more Texas-related news.  First, a few aggregations.

Desi Doyen compiles an exhaustive list twice a week in her Green News Report for the Brad Blog, which is really the collation you want to read in order to keep up with this topic.  Here's her latest.

Corporate media is waking up to the issue at last, but they still have to tread carefully around their Big Oil and Gas sponsors.  No such smidge of conscience from our elected leaders, however.

Honestly however, the criminals are literally everywhere you look.

  This woman is NOT one of them.

"Energy Transfer Partners".  Haven't we heard of them?  Why, yes we have; just a moment ago.

The corruption is so vast and varicose that its tentacles rival the capillary nature of the Texas power grid.  Speaking of:

The deeper you dig, the worse the stench gets.

Who was president ten years ago?

Had enough yet?

It's not all bad news.  Some people are actually trying to do something.

But some suggestions have failed, and others are too little, too late.

And we still have the deniers of facts, logic, science, and truth to overcome.

I'll add a few more as a thread when this post gets Tweeted shortly.  If I missed anything, mention it here in the comments or post it there.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Scenes from the Medicare for All Marches

Corporate media and Congressional Democrats did their best to completely ignore this event. All that did was demonstrate how choked they are by Big Pharma (try to imagine watching CNN or browsing your social media feed of choice without seeing an ad for Keytruda, or Ozempic, or any other flavor-of-the-month wonder drug).

The two biggest letdowns besides Bernie Sanders were AOC and Nina Turner, who counter-programmed with a stumping for Turner's OH-11 bid.

By contrast, Austin's march was refreshingly bipartisan (Green and Dem), and held in coordination with the 50+ other events across the nation.

The two co-sponsors were Delilah Barrios, Green for governor, and David L. Anderson for TX-22 (primarying Lloyd Doggett).

At least two people who could not get to Austin held their own rallies; one in San Marcos ...

... one in The City Under Seven Flags.

For reasons perhaps mentioned above but to which only they can address, a consortium of Texas orgs chose not to join this march -- indeed, specified their disaffiliation -- but will hold rallies this Thursday evening across the state. TOP, Our Revolution, and others are spreading the word, and a variety of issue-oriented activists as well as DSA and newly-elected municipal officials are speaking.

Besides Oliver and Anderson making another appearance, the roster includes Vanessa Fuentes (Austin CM), Jalen McKee-Rodriguez (San Antonio CM), Jessica Mason (running in a potentially crowded TX-30 Democratic primary to replace the allegedly retiring Eddie Bernice Johnson), and Teri Castillo (also a freshly-minted SA CM). Follow Sofia Sepulveda for updates.