Sunday, March 03, 2024

"You're Soaking In It" Funnies

Is it our elected officials -- I hesitate to call them leaders any longer -- or is it us, propagandized by our disemboweled corporate media and the pathetic imposters trying to replace them?
(by Angel Boligan, El Universal, Mexico City)
Benjamin Kikkert (Cartoon Movement) is Dutch, but this cartoon works whether you live in a state-controlled media world or not, because “state control” can be privatized, as we’re certainly seen in this nation.

You may have thought that was Joe Biden in the toon above.  Look again.

We can start our adaptation by swapping out Putin for Trump, and then make the three media categories “Fox”, “Independent” and “Corporate”, that last being intent on providing both sides of every story in order to appear fair, and as seen in the cartoon, seemingly concerned mostly with examining each other’s navels.

Too obtuse?  Okay then, back to the simple things.  Like ice cream and gerontocracy.

I find the most recent Russian hysteria by Blue MAGA nothing short of a derangement syndrome.  There seems to be some villain rotation of 'Donald out' and 'Vladimir in' going on.  Is that the new talking point?  Who among the so-called progressive blogosphere getting paid to shill for Biden has the latest memo?

Even Red MAGA pretzel logic is making more sense.
It’s extremely common for centrist Democrats to say that (the party) must change this or that policy to attract more right-wing voters ... 'We have to toughen up on immigration'; 'we have to stop advocating for trans rights'; 'we have to forget about this environment stuff'; etc. ...

(Decades ago, centrists were saying Democrats absolutely had to move right on abortion to attract more voters. Which seems ironic now, since reaction against the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade is what’s done the most lately to push voters into the blue camp.)

Here’s the thing: It won’t work. It’ll never work.

It's never worked, yet they keep doing it.  Over and over.

Sunday, February 25, 2024

"Won't Someone Think of the Frozen Embryos" Funnies

Too senile to be prosecuted for mishandling classified documents. Just-right senile to continue as/be re-elected president.
Or the shoe salesman. It's the economy stupids, and they keep saying how great it is.
A fetal attraction in Alabama.