Monday, January 17, 2022

MLK Day Wrangle

A few things to celebrate today:

Not so much for Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton.

Or some of the GQP supporting cast.

Their pain is not necessarily our collective gain.

Emily Eby also shows how the new voter suppression law will affect your voting experience.

The omicron variant is wreaking havoc with public school teachers and students.

But not just them.

And not just omicron affecting the supply chain, either.

Here's a few climate headlines.

SocraticGadfly blogged about getting to an all-electric-car future in light of discussing, or not discussing, the environmental N-word.

And some Texas music news to close today.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thursday Wrangle from Far Left Texas, Part 2: Evan Smith cashes out

My one and only conversation with the demigod came shortly after his baby's birth in 2008, or maybe '09.  I don't remember the details, but his call to me was regarding my criticism here of the TexTrib's polling at the time (they then, and still do, use YouGov, but I can't recall if the wizards at UT were partnering with him at that early stage or not.  I could go digging in my archives for the post, or I could start tagging posts so I don't have this problem, but ... you know.)

The only thing I clearly recollect was his terse responses that sounded like they were coming through gritted teeth, and an odd banging of pots and pans in the background.  It sounded, literally, as if someone was throwing them around.

The Trib used to run a blog ticker on the front page in those days, and this one was part of it.  That eventually disappeared, along with whatever clout political blogs ever had.  That wasn't Smith's fault. Shit happens.

As my tweets infer, I won't miss the guy.  He's not just the Texas version of Roger Ailes (minus 250 lbs. or so and the freak right bit) but also a confirmed duopolist.  The establishment POV comes no more based.  He's taken a lot of oil and gas money to raise his child, as everybody in Deep-in-the-Hearta thinks you must to get anywhere.  Like so many other New Democrats, he'd probably be more comfortable voting Republican if they just hadn't lost their cotton-picking minds.  It's been a tough year -- a rough couple of years -- for everybody, even the wealthy and well-connected apparently, and a two-year retirement plan is ... well, what you get to do when you own the shop.  He's not fading away.  He's got too many sycophants to just let go.

Let me move on and blog about more significant news; some of the developments regarding state policy that are affecting our lives.

More on that legal case, Miles v. Texas Central, here.

Here's a few jobs and workforce updates.

And some media notes collected over the past few days.

And the calm-me-downs to close.

Thursday Morning Wrangle from Far Left Texas, Part 1: COVID, primary skirmishes

Opening today with the latest on the pandemic.

If you want to backtrack to about a week ago ...

Very bad and getting worse.  I hope you're not one of those "putting it in Gawd's hands", but if you are, have the ambulance take you to church instead of the hospital, because there are no beds in ICUs.

As the DMN's Bob Garrett noted, Canon had been instrumental in getting state Rep. Tony Tinderholt elected, and was a background player in former Cong. Joe Barton's sexting scandal.

That might be my segue to the politics news.

The tweet's teaser is lazy and lame, but the story is lively.  Here:

"Beto O'Rourke is dangerous to the communities and to the safety of the public and the people of this state and he is not fitting to serve as governor," Abbott said.

The governor accused O'Rourke of supporting defund the police movements and attacking him for his position on bail reform.

"This is Governor Abbott lying about me," O'Rourke said. "I do not want to defund the police. I want to make sure law enforcement have the resources they need to solve and investigate violent crimes."


"As long as there's not a freeze between now until the end of March, Abbott should be in good shape," (Rice political scientist Dr. Mark) Jones said.

Dr. Jones can be really good at political analysis when he wants to be.

That's a Republican news source for those of you unfamiliar, so if you click on the link for the schadenfreude, be sure and scrape the cookies off your browser immediately after.

Drag a dollar bill past the Governor's Mansion and count on a whore in a wheelchair coming after you.

It's not politics.

That's enough Hell on Wheels for one post.

Senator Cornhole wants to be the next Majority Leader, if indeed Trump's play to blow out Moscow Mitch succeeds.  He'll have to contend with South Dakota's John Thune for the title, who looked as if he was ready to leave the Senate for a minute there.

I'll take that as my segue to post a few updates about Texas Democrats.

This is both awkward and unfortunate for BeckleyWu in particular is a committed shitlib -- he's still tweeting Hillary Clinton -- but Howard and Martinez are a letdown personally.

I'm also disillusioned by Jessica Cisneros.

I don't know whether Benavides is as, or less or more progressive than Cisneros.  This establishment centrist tweeted a smear against Jessica for the move, so there's that.

I'm Green, but Suh, Zapata, Reynosa, and Israel are Democrats I could vote for if I lived in their jurisdictions (and if I were voting in March).  I'm not so antagonistic as some #DemExiteers to those who seek to reform the Donkey Party from within.  I'm over that; maybe they will get there too.

More in the next.