Monday, September 27, 2021

The Monday Morning Wrangle from Far Left Texas

Just not sure where to begin with today's round-up of the best of the left of Texas from the past few days, so I suppose I'll start with what pisses me off most.  As usual that's Governor Strangelove.

The election audits "actually began months ago".  That is new news, as you can tell from these two reporters and this account.  The public needs answers.

Not enough in the state, as John Whitmire would say.

A few random fails by our Lege.

Li's thread below is one of two must-reads in this post (not a "must-read" like Evan Smith sells it six times a day; a real, actual must-read).

As this post was published, the new Congressional maps were released; I'm Tweeting the reactions (top right).  More on that subsequently.

Still planning on going long regarding last week's border catastrophe, but need to keep up on the most recent developments.

John Oliver also excoriated WH press secretary Jen Psaki for avoiding blame for the MAGA Mounties in Del Rio.

"(S)aying ‘this is not who we are’ about White people chasing Black people on horses is a bit of a stretch. Historically, we’ve been yes-and-ing that idea since 1619,” Oliver said. “If you listed the top three things that make America America, it’d be regional sandwich differences, flyovers at halftime, and White people chasing Black people while on horseback. I’m not saying that’s what made America great. Just what made America America."

Here's the other thread you should read.

KTSM reports that an El Paso shelter began caring for Haitian migrant families flown from Del Rio. Single adults were being returned to their country.  And Stace at Dos Centavos reminds us of what is really happening on the border: a human rights crisis.

Why is it always the least among us who help the most?

Let's talk about water.

The Texas Railroad Commission will cease issuing saltwater disposal permits in the Midland area after a rash of earthquakes there.  And El Paso Matters discusses the fight between New Mexico and Texas over the Pecos River, and the implications of that in the battle for the Rio Grande.

Texas Democrats are ticking me -- and each other -- off again.

By contrast, Beto nails Alrightx3 for his popularity.

There is simply no logical reason -- desperation to remove Governor Fish Lips doesn't count -- to support Matt Mac for public office.  For openers, he'd like to keep being an actor while governor.  Hard pass on any part-timers.

Criminal justice latest:

A few weeks ago I told you about Tesla's Giga factory coming together just outside of Austin.  This account says that the annual shareholders meeting for the company will be held there on October 7; it's virtual, and the public has access.

I've got more but I should stop here, as the latest redistricting will prompt an extra post this week, and I'm long enough here as it is.  The calm-me-downs ...

Houstonia welcomes Top Chef to Space City.

And congratulations to Lisa Gray on her move to CityCast and the forthcoming debut of CityCast Houston.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Friday's Lone Star Far Left Round-up

Let's do politics first, with Sly Turner in the barrel.  ICYMI:

Turner's not been one of my favorites almost since he was first elected, and these accusations of grifting come from an unimpeachable source in McCasland, who was vaunted for his mission upon appointment, again at the start of Turner's tenure after he (McCasland) lost a Council election.  The mayor makes "avoiding the appearance of impropriety" look worse with this move yesterday.

The old 'we investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong' whitewash.  Count on Groogan at Fox, as red as the local newshounds get, to take it as far as he can.  And don't anticipate reading it on OTK anytime soon, as usual.

Both of these orgs studiously ignore the most progressive female they could hope for, who's already running (and has been for awhile).

Which means they think the definition of "progressive" is limited to Democrats.  And that is horseshit.

And as if we needed to be reminded that Eddie Lucio is not a Democrat ...

This update adds Jim Murphy of west Houston to the growing list of bailouts.  A Democrat named Kristi Thibaut was once a candidate for this seat.  I wonder if she, or someone she might endorse, would take on the challenge.

A new episode of The Three Stooges aired yesterday, and I missed it.

I really don't care who wins this primary.  Do You?

How must it feel to be a Trump-endorsed Republican and have lost Tucker Carlson?

Governor Fish Lips' challengers are already whining about equal time.

Annnnd that's all of that I can tolerate.  Moving on to redistricting and other Lege developments; this being the latest.

That sound is Greg Abbott's wheels, spinning as fast as possible to accommodate -- and return to the good graces of -- his daddy.

This has been a good week for insider info.  I highly recommend this piece about my Congresswoman, and these two tweets as well.

I'm also not Fletcher's cheerleader.  I was not exactly shocked to learn that she has ingratiated herself even to Congressional Republicans like Michael McCaul.  Looks like I'm stuck with her unless they draw me out.

Last of the Lege business.

I would also say that I have been surprised by Spectrum News' very fair coverage of the legislative sessions, given their reputation.

A few updates to news items that have previously reported by yours truly earlier this week.

It's been a long time since I posted a "Republicans Behaving Badly".

*Whew* the stench!  Closing today with some book news.