Monday, February 28, 2022

It's Almost Over: Texas GOP Behaving Badly as Primary Season Closes

Once again we begin with the very worst Republicans in all of these somewhat less-United States as our beloved Texas reaches the conclusion of its screechy and vitriolic primary season.  It'll mostly be over in less than 36 hours.

Ya don't say.

K-Pax skipped this affair.

We'll get back to General Lazy Eye in a moment.

Good on Texas teachers -- and everyone else -- mobilizing against this travesty.  More social justice/injustice news was posted over the weekend.

I'll have my TexDems post -- the ones to vote for (if you're voting) and the ones not to vote for -- separately.  Lots of Democrats seem to be taking a pass on their ballot this spring; I am one.  I'll have more on that topic also.

Candidly I have just the slightest degree of higher confidence in Dr. Jones' numbers than I do Kuffner's (too many manipulations, Chuckles).

More on the way as mentioned above, plus an environmental round-up.  Here's a few calm-me-downs, starting with some Texas political history.

A Houston music scene mainstay who could sing jazz, blues, soul and gospel with equal fervor and sensitivity, Yvonne Washington was a Bayou City ambassador who took her voice all around the world, entertaining audiences from President George Bush and first lady Barbara Bush at home to jazz fans in Shanghai. Washington died on Feb. 23 at age 72 after a short illness.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Sunday "Past is Prologue" Funnies

Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Social Justice Wrangle from Far Left Texas

Really have too many to know where to begin, so I guess I'll start with the weather.  Which means the Freeze from last year.

"Cops Behaving Badly", and the usual suspects.

There were some good things that happened.

But K-Pax is still a corrupt and incompetent ass.

And more from the border.

Our state is failing our children.

More bad gun news.

And there's been no shortage of justice and injustice developments during Black History Month.

Some affordable (and unaffordable) housing updates:

And I'll wrap this Wrangle with the latest in the fight over school text books.

Still have some environmental news and a lot of soothers, but they will wait until tomorrow or Monday.  More political updates prior to Election Day coming as well.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

TXGOP Behaving as Badly as Can Be for Primary Votes

The shitshow circus came to town.

Beginning today with the ridiculousness of those who seek to be our representatives in Washington in the House of the People.  See if you can spot the irony that Chip Roy cannot.

Yes, we're eaten up with stupid down here in Deep-In-The-Hearta.  Some folks say it's because we don't vote.  I say it's because the wrong folks do.

When I started this Wrangle, Dan Patrick was the state's worst offender among his foul, rotten ilk.  (My, how quickly things change.)  The Beast thinks Patrick's mail ballot shenanigans are as likely to have affected his party's voters as they have the Donks.  That's possible, but I doubt whether he cares.   Fucking with people and things is what he does, be it friend, foe, or someone/something in-between.

Lots of insiders speaking off the record in that story.

But did he have a bad week?  I suppose it remains to be seen.

I'll have to go longer on Governor Helen Wheels and Attorney General Lazy Eye in another post because they have disgraced themselves further even since I began to compile this one.

"You know what, we have a pretty good governor down here in Greg Abbott," Nugent says in the short video shared on West's Twitter. "I worked hard to get him elected. But if you were a pretty good bass player you couldn't be in my band. Pretty good doesn't cut it."


Stephen Willeford, an NRA firearm training instructor who shot the Sutherland Springs church shooter in 2017, also announced his endorsement of West this week. “His beliefs regarding the constitution, gun rights, border policy, and fiscal conservatism are the values that will continue to guide Texas in the right direction,” Willeford said in a statement released Tuesday.

And last, the local yokels.

I have more to add but not the will to do so.  Social justice, environmental, and calm-me-downs are in the queue.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Texas Chainsaw Early Voting Massacre Wrangle

Or is it?

That's the data from Longhorn Derek, and it's also Kuffner's point this morning, i.e. 'all caught up'.  Frankly when the state ranks in the bottom five in voter turnout and the media is begging people to vote because everyone knows that the ones who do are crackpots ... maybe "we're on pace with previous years" isn't good news.  For anybody.

Nobody like Turd Blossom, but nobody ignores him either.

Democrats are wailing loudly about rejected mail ballots.

But turnout in the RGV's GOP primary doesn't seem affected.

Turncoat Pena, hoping to get on the appeals court down south.

I should probably mention that this development comes as a shock to the TDP chairman.

Shell Seas watched the debate between Gilberto Hinojosa, Kim Olson, and Carroll Robinson and has a lengthy, insight-filled review.

I have so many posts for 'Texas Republicans behaving badly' that they will appear separately, following this one.  Let's look at the latest polling.

No real movement in these numbers over the past thirty or so days.  Texas 2036 also shared the results of their fourth Texas Voters Poll.

More of the latest developments regarding Texas women's reproductive freedom in the Social Justice Wrangle, forthcoming.

And SocraticGadfly offered a trio of politics and voting posts from last week, but candidly none of his unhinged, incoherent, rambling rants make any sense.  Go read them if you like but keep in mind he's a former Green who has now apparently decided he hates the Greens and just voted in the Republican primary.  (You've been warned.)

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Sunday "Is It War Yet?" Funnies

I don't care for Gen. Tso's chicken either.
Welcome back, after his gap year, to Two Party Opera.
And congratulations to Desi Doyen for thirteen years of the Green News Report.

Friday, February 18, 2022

The Weekend Environmental, Social Justice, and Calm-Me-Down Wrangle from Far Left Texas

'Texas Republicans behaving badly' is again trending on my timeline, but as referenced previously, that is a) annoying and tiresome; and b) seemingly not moving the needle away from them electorally.  So without posting more of their BS, I'll hold a few of the most egregious for another day.  This Wrangle is for the other things that bother me, and a few things at the end that soothe.

The freeze from last year has been an over-reported item this week.  Beto isn't getting any traction from it, either.  Maybe time to move on.

Let me use one more as my segue.

A couple of young capitalists found a way to make money on flaring, which is good, but isn't really going to solve the crisis.

There's just no point in building the Ike Dike now.  It's too late in the game.  Seriously.  Don't bother. This kind of too-expensive, unfeasible mitigation would be a boondoggle akin to the F-35.  (Speaking of Lockheed Martin ...)

That's a good segue to the social justice tweets.  There's also some criminal justice and labor news following.

Just entirely too many instances of the cops behaving poorly as well.

Mattress Mack has had a bad week (for him).

That news could have just as easily gone into 'Repubs acting badly'.

More guns = more gun deaths.  Our children are paying the price, and hiring more cops isn't going to solve this.

Their stories in the thread.

Perhaps a lawsuit I can feel good about Ken Paxton winning.

And the other feel-goods.  First: my friend Charles is writing "Leaving Texas"; here's the first part.