Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Clinton, surrogates continue to take down themselves, her campaign, and the Democratic Party

I'm not seeing a unification of smiles and joy after all this.

-- Bill Clinton compares the Sanders revolutionaries to the Tea Party.  And Cory Booker can't take the flak he's catching from Joe Scabs and Mika Mouse about it.

-- Blue Nation Review (they've been mentioned here before) goes after Killer Mike with the sexist card for quoting 'a woman' (Jane Elliott, for those not in the know) who said that a 'uterus isn't a qualification for the presidency.'  Leela Daou -- no idea whether she's connected to Clinton flack Peter Daou, another person I once had great respect for -- does the dirty work this week.  I'm confident that Killer Mike's got this.  All by himself.

Update: Roqayah Chamseddine at Shadowproof pulls together many more of these 'sexist' tropes and methodically knocks them all down.

It may be the fact that Sanders has pulled even in Nevada, or that the race in South Carolina is tightening that produces all this panic and lashing out.  Or it may just be the Clinton way.

Turnout in the caucuses and primaries so far suggests that Democratic enthusiasm already lags that of the GOP, and the margins aren't insignificant.  This news is not being mentioned at the usual Democratic sources yet; even the mainstreamers haven't picked up on it.  But the Republican media sure has.

The first EV numbers from yesterday here in Harris County reveal the same thing.  This is an ominous trend for Dems, in a presidential year especially.  I doubt they can beat that "Supreme Court" dead horse hard enough to pull in the voters in elections past who've given up on them.

Let's keep an eye out and see if anybody else starts talking about this.

Update: Socratic Gadfly has a whole lot more.

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Gadfly said...

Great minds thinking alike, eh? :) I'm already using your "Plan B" post on places like that Mediate link about Killer Mike. Might as well start the recruiting now, eh?