Saturday, June 11, 2016

Unity, Democrat-style

-- This is how you do it, Democrats:

JUDY WOODRUFF: How much do you think, Mark, the fact that they sort of — the White House orchestrated this, this week, in a way that they just — they gave Bernie Sanders gave the space to get out when he wants to.

MARK SHIELDS: Democrats, historically, when they form a firing squad, form a circle. This was a total exception.

It was brilliantly choreographed. In addition to the president’s endorsement, a man not noted for his self-doubt, to say that she was the most qualified presidential candidate in his lifetime was quite an admission and statement.

I thought the other part of it, Judy, was the deference and respect and space they gave — given to Bernie Sanders, that he’s paid homage, he’s paid tribute, and I think deservedly so. He lost the nomination, but he won the future of the Democratic Party.

... and this is how you don't.

I keep John around on the blogroll feed in the right-hand column -- he's long gone from my FB and Twitter feeds due to being much more obnoxious even than this -- because I like to laugh at his thinking he's full of wit and his 5th-grade spelling and language skills, not to mention the logic he employs.  As the strongest Hillary sycophant that I have found, he's just too dense for me to be concerned with any longer.  And lately I feel the same way about anybody who takes his political opinions as anything but a joke.

What John will seemingly never understand is how Bernie Sanders made socialism cool.  And that genie ain't going back in the bottle.  Four years from now, when President Hillary Clinton is thrashing around like a drowning woman because of a failed Iran war, a turd-filled economy, an approval rate in the mid-20's and losing badly to whomever the GOP nominates, he's going to be blaming "soshulists" -- anybody but Democrats -- for her one-term failure.  Bookmark this post.


Gadfly said...

guess you didn't realize that was me calling you from the nac hospital friday telling you i had a broken arm in a wreck

PDiddie said...

Dude! Hope you're feeling better.

Gadfly said...

appreciate the call. i am stubborn and came into the office today