Thursday, October 29, 2015

Last minute Houston election developments

Did you get your vote on yet?

-- Via Free Press Houston, the most progressive candidate in the running to be Houston's next mayor talks about "cite and release," a law enforcement policy that would keep first-time offenders out of jail on small-quantity marijuana possession charges.

Sylvester Turner passed on the question "like a hot roach" (as NewsFix Now has related) at the beginning of this year's legislative session, but seems to be evolving, much as he has on marriage equality.  The rest of the field stands in opposition to local control of this kind.  Should make your choice somewhat easier, yes?

-- I received the Houston Black Dems slate card this week, and not only did they endorse the worst candidate for controller running, Carroll Robinson, but also picked Michael Kubosh, a Republican, over three better progressive options.  They inexplicably made no recommendation in AL 2.

These two endorsements of Robinson and Kubosh are the crappiest I have seen in this cycle (and there have been a few misfires on the HGLBT Caucus slate, by the Chronicle and others).  The rotund council member who voted against HERO has worked pretty hard to suck up to the black vote.  Republicans have both castigated and defended Kubosh -- sometimes comically -- in previous elections because of his association with the African American community.

Some in that community have bought what this scoundrel is selling.  It's going to make ousting him all the more difficult.

-- By the way, Fox 26's Isiah Carey -- in the Kubosh photos linked above and at his birthday party last week -- is hosting an 'Uncensored' mayoral forum tonight with "the top 4 candidates only who we determined" (scroll to the bottom): Bell, Garcia, Turner, and King.

-- She's not Beyonce', but The Flying Nun Norma Rae the lady who was married to Mrs. Doubtfire came to Houston to endorse HERO.  We could still use a few more heroes, just to be safe (pun on the haters intended).

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