Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Urine big trouble now, Donald, and more scatter-shots

-- Yes, Bill Palmer used it first, AFAIK.  We may have just learned why his hair is that color.  Russian prostitutes, via Russian hackers, allege that more than just Trump's throne is golden.

#GoldenShowergate and #GoldenShowers are both trending this morning, so I'll just respond as the former Donkey that I am now:

Aren't the Democrats supposed to be the party that doesn't care what consenting adults do in their bedrooms and bathrooms?  Didn't we already try to impeach a president over sexual allegations?  How'd that work out?  I forget.

No sooner did they wipe the tears from their eyes after watching Obama's farewell than they jumped back on the Russian obsession with both feet.  I suppose that I would hope that all this caterwauling will eventually -- sooner or later -- chase the Barking Yam out of the White House, but it isn't going to win his detractors any votes back.  Opposing a cabinet nominee by dressing up as a Klansman is one thing; screaming "fetishist" is another.  As a reminder, "grab 'em by the pussy" did not stop Trump from being elected.  Update: Juan Cole, helpfully pointing out that it's not the sex, it's the money.

The people who elected (Trump) knew that he had appeared in pornographic videos, liked to tour the dressing rooms of the Miss Teen contests when the contestants were naked, and groped random women in public places. That he paid for a golden shower or two isn’t even the most disgusting thing in his closet (at least if it was paid for, it was consensual). So I think if Russia threatened him with being outed, he could just brush them off. The evangelical ministers who encourage their flocks to vote Republican have decided that they are all about forgiveness when it comes to Trump. I wouldn’t have said this last year this time, but the guy is Teflon on the right.

If Trump has a vulnerability with regard to Russia, it is far more likely to be financial. He kept going bankrupt (six times!) as a strategy to avoid paying creditors, and understandably real banks stopped wanting to lend to him. The Financial Times alleges that Trump then got in bed with very wealthy figures from, e.g., Kazakhstan, who loaned him money or licensed his name for, e.g., the Trump Soho, in which he was a partner with a shadowy Kazakh figure. But FT suggests that the quid pro quo was that he got them into the New York real estate market, which they then used for money laundering. Money earned from embezzling (say, from the Kazakh ministry of petroleum) or criminal activity needs to be laundered before it can be openly invested. The criminal claims that the ill-gotten funds are profits from an investment, e.g. the FT thinks Trump may have, knowingly or naively, facilitated this kind of activity. If it was knowingly, of course, that was a heavy duty crime. 

Focus on the big picture, Democrats.

If you take a long view of presidential history, you can see that Eisenhower was a backlash of sorts to Truman, that Kennedy/LBJ certainly was as well, and Nixon to them, Carter to Nixon, Reagan to Carter, Clinton 1.0 a JFK-like backlash to twelve years of Reagan/Bush, and W the same also to Bubba, and Obama to Bush the Younger.  And, more obviously, Trump to Obama.  So there's a backlash coming in 2020 no matter what else happens.  As long as we're still around to see it, that is.

It's a new world and the Democrats are still living in the old one.  Maybe the Berners will join forces with a progressive party and they'll run a candidate everybody likes in four years, we can have an unspoiled election.  Too much hope?

-- Today is supposed to be Hair Furor's first presser in six months.  What do you suppose they'll ask him about?  Your young child -- the one without a smartphone, or a laptop, or any friends that do  -- is going to be asking, "Mom, what is a golden shower?" sometime today.  Thanks Obama!

-- Dawnna Dukes, who hears her Austin constituents telling her that she is the most qualified person to remain in her seat in the Texas House, had to sneak around the media to get sworn in, and before the day was out, promptly indicted by the Travis County DA.  I blogged everything that needed it about this topic yesterday.  Dukes is a hazard (hardy har har) and can't go away fast enough.

-- RFK Jr., a noted anti-vaxxer (unlike Jill Stein, despite the Hillbots' strongest effort), said Trump wanted him to head up a commission  (I believe that would make him a czar) to Find the Truth.  Trump's transitioners say they didn't.  We now have more facts -- science arrived at by logic, you know -- to argue over, partisan-style.  Like evolution versus intelligent design, climate change, etc.

Update: Focus, Democrats.

It's a different world and you better figure out your place in it.

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