Monday, August 08, 2016

The Weekly Wrangle

The Texas Progressive Alliance is feeling the Olympic nationalist spirit as it brings you this week's roundup of the best of the left of the Lone Stars from last week.

Off the Kuff is pleased by the changes to voter ID requirements that were agreed to last week.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme, like the US Hispanic Congressional Caucus, is disgusted with the CEO of IBC bank doing business in South Texas while supporting Donald Trump.

Taking into account both real and hypothetical options, SocraticGadfly uses ranked choice voting to explain how he would vote, or like to vote, in this year's presidential election.

The Green Party's presidential nominating convention in Houston kept PDiddie at Brains and Eggs busy most of the week.  There's a CNN town hall scheduled for next week for the Jill Stein-Ajamu Baraka ticket.

Texas Leftist also blogged about the Greens' convention at U of H.

Texas Vox takes note of the US Dept. of Energy's attempts to restart the federal high-level radioactive waste program, this time in Texas.

Neil at All People Have Value walked on Houston's fabulous Airline Drive with a sign regarding the need for respect for all people.  APHV is part of

John Coby at Bay Area Houston asks whether you should trust Donald Trump with your children.

Dos Centavos has another Tejano music review of Veronique and her latest, Mi Año Dorado.

And the Lewisville Texan Journal celebrates their first year as a print medium.


More scattershots from Texas bloggers and writers!

Zachery Taylor saw the DNC's war demagoguery as an extension of his indoctrination research.

TFN Insider has the latest from Dallas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress, a prominent Trump supporter who's spent the last two weeks "debunking" the theory of evolution.

Grits for Breakfast cited a Houston Press story where the representative for the Harris County sheriff blamed inmates for the jail's preventable, antibiotic-resistant diseases.

Ashton Woods at Strength in Numbers calls for Harris County DA Devon Anderson to step down.

Make West Texas Great Again reports on the first-ever agriculture forum in Lubbock, organized by Ted Cruz after he was criticized for inaction by Breitbart Texas.

The Texas Observer's sixteenth 'Texas Miracle' podcast speculates about the Dallas GOP's disarray and its effect on the Texas Republican Party in general.

The TSTA Blog sees through the latest school finance "reform" idea.

Pamela Coloff's 2006 story on the UT Tower shooting received a lot of attention on the 50th anniversary of that horrible day.

Better Texas Blog explains how Texas can support kinship caregivers.

Dan Wallach contemplates election security as national security.

The Texas Living Waters Project argues that desalination could harm Texas' bays.

Juanita Jean is seeking support for Glen Maxey's ballot by mail program.

Eileen Smith keeps trying to make sense of Donald Trump.

Somervell County Salon passes along the news about the multi-county feral hog program at the county expo.

And Pages of Victory reminds Democrats that Republicans are still plenty strong.

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