Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Scattershooting more donkeys

-- Your Daily Jackass is John Cobarruvias of Bay Area Houston.  Previous jacks and jennets are here, here, and here.  John was a runaway winner based on his command -- he's reliving his days as an Aggie Cadet -- that can be countered simply enough with "No, we must not".

The difference between Clinton and Trump is the degree to which you would prefer a war-mongering corporatist who might be a sociopath versus an actual sociopath.  You know what they say about voting for a Democrat pretending to be a Republican running against an actual Republican: people go for the real thing every time.  It is, as most of us know, questionable as to whether Drumpf is an actual Republican, and that's causing an enormous amount of cognitive dissonance on the right.

If a Jackass of the 2016 Cycle is eventually awarded, John's got a strong lead on the rest of the herd (or drove, or pace).

Jackasses on deck : "Repeat after me", and "Why Berners should be good losers".

-- Amaju Baraka is Jill Stein's running mate.  If you have to ask, "who?" then you qualify for enlightenment.  Don't forget that fear is the path to the Dark Side.

-- More debunking of the anti-vax smear of Stein by the scummiest of Democrats.

Time to Move On, Donks?

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Noah Horwitz said...

Why does John get all the fun? I eagerly await my inclusion as a Jackass of the Day, Perry!

--N.M. Horwitz

PDiddie said...

Do you have a blog, Noah?

Have you written something publicly on Facebook or some other medium that falsely denigrates Jill Stein or the Green Party?

Point me to it and I'll gladly accommodate you. Make certain it jumps to false conclusions or otherwise contains a smelly opinion that can be mocked as picayune, or obnoxious, or uses a stale trope like "the Supreme Court", and you're almost guaranteed to get crowned.

paintedjaguar said...

To be more explicit, those who reject universal, uncharged healthcare access have already ceded any moral high ground to prate about anti-vaxxers. It makes zero practical difference whether vaccinations and care of the infected are limited by ideology, religion, or economic circumstance. And please don't give me "but the Republicans..." or "I support universal health insurance" (not care)". Somehow, when it comes to it, Dems always find a reason not to vote for that, or for the candidates who might actually implement it.

paintedjaguar said...

By the way, I've noticed several trolling/bait&switch articles in the past week along the lines of "Why you should vote for Jill Stein (you shouldn't)". This whole election cycle has been like a graduate level seminar in Manufacturing Consent.

Gadfly said...

Amen, Jags; per your second comment on bait/switch, I'll have a post on that next week.