Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Still nothing for her to worry about

Most of the Democrats I visited with over the weekend are finally starting to relax a little now that the horse-race polls are coming into alignment with the Electoral College projections.

-- This fellow (with lots of good analysis) has it Clinton 323-Trump 197, 18 EC votes tossup.  And a 99.6% probability of her winning the election.

-- These folks also see a landslide.

Note that AZ is turning blue in their scenario but NV is not.

-- Nate Silver's bunch, who'd been running a little on the conservative side this cycle after getting Berned in Michigan, shows the largest spread, with 365-172.7 and one electoral vote to Gary Johnson.   "Only" an 87.5% probability for Madam President.

-- Larry Sabato with the same conclusion, and 347-191.

Given these numbers you might think that future Daily Jackass and AmericaFUCKYEAHblogger John Aravosis would be chill, but he's not.  I booted him off the blogroll here months ago -- maybe even before Ted -- for his Clinton shilling and attacks on Bernie Sanders, which immediately transferred to Jill Stein.  With these fresh Red scares he's really going to have a lot of blood on his hands if/when Hillary bombs Iran, starts a new war -- hot, cold, or "just right" -- with Russia, or simply continues the Obama bombing campaign, now in four countries but nowhere on your teevee.

Coming up: a few fresh Daily Jackasses and some updates to old ones.

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Gadfly said...

Please give Aravois a double ass kicking. I'll both tweet the link and post it on a blog post of his.