Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Today's "Hillary Clinton is terrible" post

But there is some sunshine at the end for New Democrats.

A couple points to ponder, and a reminder that with the SCOTUS about to decide on one man/one vote, how critical it is for Democrats, new and old and otherwise, to figure out how to motivate non-voters.

Anybody want to answer some questions?

This one will just make you mad.  Maybe as angry as a Trumpublican, I don't know.

Some sharp criticism here and here of how she has conducted herself recently that demonstrate why those two guys who wrote the pieces above are so negative.

Now for the good news, Hillarians.  You can replace every single disgruntled progressive vote with perhaps as many as five or even ten Latino ones, once she taps Julian Castro as running mate and with solid Hispanic candidates downballot, like Ed Gonzalez for Harris County sheriff.  So -- really -- go ahead and tell us 20-25% or so of your former base to pound sand if we don't want to cast a ballot for Clinton.  We're old, white, and in the way.  Isn't this why you call yourselves "New" Democrats?

I think you're safe.  That is, if you can turn out the brown vote the way it needs to, and ought to be, turning out.  Maybe Marc Campos can help with that.  He's going to be a Democrat again after the mayor's race finishes on Saturday, isn't he?

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Gadfly said...

Don't forget, even with Citizens United being directly related to her, she's mucking around a lot in the world of dark money: