Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's Election Day

Republicans are turning out their vote.

Charles and Free Press Houston have the pertinent data if you still need it.  You have my recommendations.  You gonna let a little rain today stop you?

What I will be watching for as the returns roll in is turnout in places like District C (Chuck again) and the undervotes in all races, but especially AL 5.  Most are too close to call, but if push came to shove I'd say we'll have Mayor Turner and Controller Frazer, with AL CMs Provost, Robinson, Edwards, and Christie (yuck) joining district CMs Le, Cisneros with an 's', and Laster taking seats around the horseshoe.  That would represent little ideological change from the previous Council, with the exception of the Republican in the bean counter's office.  If I'm right, we might see some flinty sparks between Fraser and Turner (scroll to the end) in 2016 and beyond... the next four years, as you may remember.  I could, of course, be wrong about some of these predictions (or all of them).

Recall also that Bob Stein, the cycle's most accurate pollster, thinks King has won the early voting and Turner will win today.  The final question is who won by how much.  So when Clerk Stanart finally flashes the EV to shortly after 7 p.m. this evening, you'll have a pretty good idea how late you want to stay up, election night parties or no.

There's a very Merry Christmas in store for a few folks, not so much for some others.  About twelve hours from now, we'll see who got sugarplums and who got a lump of coal.

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