Monday, September 08, 2014

The Weekly Wrangle

The Texas Progressive Alliance commends Sen. Wendy Davis for her courage as it brings you this week's roundup of the best from the Lone Star blogosphere from last week.

Off the Kuff thinks all the statewide candidates should engage in at least one public debate and applauds Sam Houston for pursuing the matter in the AG race.

Libby Shaw, now posting at Daily Kos, is both shocked and pleased that the Houston Chronicle's editorial board spanked Greg Abbott hard for his disingenuous and exaggerated claims about voter fraud in Texas. Texas: "Voter Fraud? What Fraud?"

In a state with a rapidly growing population and the mounting set of challenges associated with that growth, Texas Leftist can't even believe how much money Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick and other TEA-publicans are leaving behind in their refusal to expand Medicaid. Trust me, you won't believe it either.

If you’re in the “coverage gap” – someone who doesn’t have health care because Perry and the GOP declined to expand Medicaid in Texas – and don’t vote, then WCNews at Eye on Williamson says you’re choosing not to have health care coverage: To Expand Medicaid in Texas, Those Without Insurance Must Vote.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme wants you to know that cutting Medicaid reimbursements has shut down pharmacies in Texas. Cheap, short-sighted, heartless Republicans are to blame.

The disclosure by Wendy Davis in her forthcoming memoir of her pregnancy terminations pushed a reset button in the Texas governor's race. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs says that whether it more greatly mobilizes her support or her opposition is something still to be determined.

Neil at All People Have Value said you should consider helping the Davis/Van de Putte ticket even if you are not a political person and if you have great skepticism about Democrats and our political system. The Abbott/Patrick ticket is a very extreme ideological team. APHV is part of

Egberto Willies has video of Texas comptroller candidate Mike Collier, and Texpatriate has an update on the race for Texas attorney general, between Sam Houston and Ken Paxton.

Bluedaze reports that Range Resources, a member of the Big Gas Mafia, is SLAPPing the hell out of the First Amendment, and Texas Vox has more on the Earth, Wind, and Fire energy summit in Dallas this October.

Dos Centavos noted that Greg Abbott declined to appear at UT-Dallas at the students' invitation, then showed up on campus and kept students locked out.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Socratic Gadfly has some thoughts on Wendy Davis' disclosure and its political fallout.

Somervell County Salon is thinking about Rick Perry's wife, Anita, and when she came out as pro-choice.

Juanita Jean sets a Republican straight on Tom DeLay's criminal record.

Carol Morgan says it's time to bust the GOP prostitution ring in DC and in Texas.

Grits for Breakfast reflects on Rick Perry's criminal justice vetoes.

Lone Star Ma reminds us that Texas law protects a woman's right to breastfeed in any place where she would otherwise be allowed to be.

Nonsequiteuse blazes with fury at the "Greg Abbott crushes Houston Votes" story.

Texas Clean Air Matters wants a clean energy plan that rewards Texas, not Wyoming coal interests.

BOR issues the #TacosOrBeer Challenge.

The Texas Election Law Blog dismisses the lesser arguments in favor of voter ID.

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