Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hogan whines about endorsement of Kendrick

Earlier today, Texpatriate endorsed Kenneth Kendrick for Commissioner of Texas Agriculture.  A fairly significant development, considering that they usually pick mostly Democrats and the occasional Republican.

Junior Samples, who is on Twitter as Internet Jim Hogan, got upset about it.

Hogan wants to be interviewed by the blogs now, after refusing interview requests all year?  Hilarious.  Hey Junior: I hate to go all grammar Nazi on you, but learn how and when to use who and whom, please.  *Update: Yes, it could all be a joke, not just Hogan only.  I'm trying to take his candidacy as seriously as I can.

But really you should rest easy, big boy.  If the Houston Chronicle can fumble the endorsement in the county clerk's race, they can sure as hell screw up and endorse you.  And I wouldn't be scared about missing on "The New BOR", either.  They're now calling themselves 'the most progressive blog in Texas', but they're still just the house organ for the TDP.  (Hint: not all that progressive, y'all.  Just like Jim Hogan.)

You'll still get about 35% of the vote because of all the straight-ticket-voting Democrats, who don't know enough about you to know they shouldn't be voting for you.  Congratulations!


Gadfly said...

Thanks for the Twitter link; it was just employed.

Ted McLaughlin said...

I'm through with Hogan. I asked for an interview at the convention, and he didn't even bother to show up. I then e-mailed him with some questions, and he didn't even bother to answer my e-mail. Screw him. I'm supporting (and voting for) Kenneth Kendrick -- who has been willing to talk with me (and has the best stand on the issues).

Gadfly said...

Oh, well put about the "new BOR," too. I rarely go over there any more.