Monday, September 15, 2014

The First Cool Snap Wrangle

The Texas Progressive Alliance is thankful for cool air and no hurricanes this season as it once again brings you the best lefty blog posts from last week.

Off the Kuff looked at the Wendy Davis internal poll and the thought process behind it.

Harold Cook demonstrates the dangers of posting in ignorance to official Facebook pages.

Libby Shaw, now writing at Daily Kos, hopes the smart sector of Texas wins over the purposely ignorant. The battle over text books rages on, in An Educated, Diverse and Tolerant Texas vs. the Far Right and the Willfully Stupid.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson -- born and raised in Palestine, Texas and now living in The Woodlands -- found himself outside his community's standards for child discipline (as determined by a Montgomery County grand jury). It was another black eye -- bad pun intended -- for the NFL. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs sarcastically wondered why fans of a violent game played by men with violent tendencies in a country that worships violence would have a problem with a four-year-old boy getting whooped with a switch.

Republican racism has its price. Too bad that the Rio Grande Valley is having to pay it. CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme wants you to know that Rick Perry's deployment of the Texas National Guard is not just a racist stunt to boast Perry's batshit crazy bonafides.

WCNews at Eye on Williamson helpfully points out that if we aren't getting the government we want, we still must vote: As Bad As Things Might Seem, Not Voting Only Makes It Worse.

Neil at Blog About Our Failing Money Owned American Political System posted about the strong race run by Zephyr Teachout against corrupt business-as-usual Governor Andrew Cuomo in the New York State Democratic Primary. BAOFMOAPS is one of a number of worthy pages to view at

Dos Centavos has the lame response from a TXGOP official making excuses for why Dan Patrick didn't show up for a debate with Leticia Van de Putte on Univision.

Texpatriate has a passel of endorsements in statehouse races.

And Egberto Willies had the HuffPo Live interview with Wendy Davis.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

The Texas Election Law Blog expresses its outrage at the "Greg Abbott crushes Houston Votes" story, and jobsanger circulates SAEN cartoonist John Branch's interpretation of Abbott's message.

Juanita Jean has the most recent example of how Republicans run things when they're the only ones in charge: as illegal as they wanna be.

Socratic Gadfly has a take on the "whooping" Adrian Peterson gave his 4-year-old son.

Grits for Breakfast explores the criminal justice implications of driverless cars.

Hair Balls observes that the demographics of Houston's suburbs and the police departments of Houston's suburbs are not alike.

Unfair Park thinks it may have found the greatest Rick Perry photo of all time.

The TSTA blog has a beef with Todd Staples over Meatless Mondays.

Keep Austin Wonky sees little parallel between the rail proposition on Austin's ballot and Houston's existing light rail lines.

Texas Clean Air Matters explains Elon Musk's love-hate relationship with our state.

Nancy Sims is talking about domestic violence and what we need to do about it.

Nonsequiteuse has three ways to help Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte even if you don't live in Texas.

The Lunch Tray has a problem with how "bake sales" are used to undermine efforts to improve the nutrition of food offered in schools.

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