Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday Funnies


bob42 said...

I enjoy your selection of Sunday Funnies but I often forget to check your blog for them. I understand your reluctance to publish them on FB, but it seems that as long as you credit both the author/artist and a publication in which they are shared, you can post without worry of retribution. Check my facts on this for your own protection.

(Theo Kaht on FB)

PDiddie said...

Hello Theo:

I have disabled my profile on Facebook some months ago. FB is too unsecure a platform for me to use (I had my data scraped in the Cambridge Analytica debacle because a 'friend' filled out the survey that led to the breach, and that was enough for me). Feel free to continue to share the post there, however, using the social mediabuttons at the bottom.