Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Why hasn't Ken Paxton resigned yet?

Hat tip to nonsequiteuse, who first posed the question.

No need to recount the extremist legal opinions nor the various laws he has broken.  If this is going to drag out for months as it did with Kyle Janek, then it is Governor Greg Abbott who is going to start paying a political price for it.  And everyone knows that Abbott does not expend political capital; he accrues it.  Always.

If Paxton skates past an indictment in Collin County in a couple of weeks, expect him to hang on.  If he catches one or more... well, Ken Paxton is no Rick Perry.  That much is certain.

Update: And the hits just keep on comin'.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, whose admitted violations of state securities laws will go before a grand jury this month, has also figured in a federal investigation of a Dallas-area technology company suspected of defrauding investors.

Paxton owns at least 10,000 shares in Servergy Inc., a company based in his hometown of McKinney. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission began investigating Servergy in 2013 after receiving complaints, according to federal court records reviewed by The Associated Press. The records show Paxton's name was singled out as a search term to satisfy an SEC demand for documents and Paxton's law firm email address was among a lengthy list of Servergy contacts searched as part of the SEC's investigation.

Update (7/9): And coming.

Despite promising last year to "wind down" his involvement in dozens of real estate and business ventures, Attorney General Ken Paxton continued to expand his holdings in 2014, according to personal financial documents.

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