Tuesday, March 31, 2015

And just like that...

Another pretender to the GOP throne and his budding presidential aspirations explode on the launching pad.

Hoosier daddy now, Governor?

There was this article in the WaPo that said there were well over two dozen other states with similar legislation that nobody was protesting.  And then this other article that said, no, Indiana's isn't like those other state laws at all.

Thanks, Jeff Bezos!

We know these things are incubated here in the Lone Star State and then exported around the country like frozen chicken or beef or even antibiotic-resistant bacteria -- which, come to think, has far too many similarities to extreme conservatism.  But that's a digression.

Texas has no paternity claims to bigotry.  This is simply the latest chapter in America's long, unvarnished, let's-not-talk-about-that history.

We have to get through this stage in order to arrive at a place of greater, more widespread tolerance of others.  History has also shown us that some people are determined to be left behind in terms of evolution and progress.  My brother Neil is at a higher plane of self-actualization than me; I don't believe those folks have much value at all.

Update: And just like *snap* that... Pence backpedals.  Can it happen in Houston -- protests, backlash, and capitulation by the haters -- with the ERO?  We can only hope.


Unknown said...

It's absolutely obvious that LGBT were being targeted with this law, but it looks like the business community (of all things!) is ahead of the Republican curve on this issue and that the law will be watered down... probably to reflect the RFRA language.

The picture of exclusion signs you posted is really effective!

hedera said...

I've been saying this for years; thanks for the photos of the old signs. As half Irish myself, I've always been aware of the "no Irish need apply" signs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

You left out my favorite immigrant complaint, Benjamin Franklin's screed complaining about the dirty, non-English speaking, too-many-children-having... Germans!