Saturday, March 07, 2015

Not no but hell no on TX Medicaid expansion

Yeah, you too, Schwertner.

Leading Texas Republicans on Monday asked the Obama administration for greater flexibility to administer Medicaid — a move that has gotten little traction in the past — while reiterating that they would not participate in an expansion of the program under the Affordable Care Act.

“Any expansion of Medicaid in Texas is simply not worth discussing,” state Sen. Charles Schwertner, R-Georgetown, chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, said at a press conference.

Let those nasty poor folks die.  Face down, in a ditch, by the side of the road for all he cares.

Lisa Falkenberg kicks him right where he deserves it.

It's one thing to turn a blind eye to nearly 6 million uninsured Texas adults and children, to ignore the highest uninsured rate in the nation, to leave 1 million low-income Texans languishing in a health insurance no-man's land where they can't even get coverage through the Affordable Care Act because Texas refuses to expand Medicaid eligibility.

It's another thing to laugh in their faces.


"This trajectory is clearly unsustainable," the letter says, and then accuses the Medicaid program of continuing to "crowd out" funding for other needs such as education, transportation and water. Last time I checked, it wasn't poor people or the federal government proposing billions in tax cuts over the adequate funding of education, transportation and water.


What's worse about this latest effort is that it follows a growing chorus - a bipartisan chorus - of local, business and medical leaders calling for the state to expand Medicaid eligibility requirements.

That group includes the Texas Association of Business, the Texas Hospital Association and even a board approved by Perry himself - the Texas Institute of Health Care Quality and Efficiency.

These groups aren't taking these positions because of their love for President Obama. They realize it makes good business sense for Texans, and especially our children, to have health care. They realize that the costs of caring for the uninsured are being passed on by insurers and hospitals to those of us who do have insurance. They realize it makes no sense for Texas to pass up $100 billion in federal funds that we could draw down over a decade if we invest in expanding Medicaid services. They realize other conservative states have found a way to expand Medicaid, along with measures to promote personal responsibility, such as premium sharing and co-pays.

As an update to my January post "Kansas-sippi Here We Come", it develops that even KS Gov. Sam Bareback Brokeback Brownback is reconsidering Medicaid expansion in the Jayhawk State because of the austerity trainwreck he's caused.

To be sure, the governor isn’t officially on board, at least not yet. But Brownback was willing to say yesterday, “I haven’t said we’ll take it. I haven’t said we wouldn’t.” In this case, “it” is Medicaid expansion through the ACA.
And as you’d probably guess, the Kansas Republican has never said anything close to this before.

Texas Leftist finishes the takedown.

As Falkenberg outlines, this letter is far from a request to the Obama Administration.  It’s a ransom note.  Anyone who is hopeful that the Texas legislature is looking to do the right thing by our state would be wrong.  Instead, this week makes clear that Republican lawmakers wish nothing more than to endanger not only our poorest citizens, but state hospitals, and our whole healthcare system.

These morons that got elected last November in the lowest electoral turnout since the Great Depression want to take us back to the 1930s as fast as they can.  The saddest part to me is that this is what it is going to take to get them voted out of office: full, complete, unadulterated disaster and ruin.

Like bad medicine, maybe we can get it washed down quick.  Before too many people die from their poor decisions, their bigotry, and their hate, that is.

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