Tuesday, June 09, 2015

What's the matter with Texas in two pictures

We've had some serious questions come up lately: the average intelligence of our rural brothers and sisters, the leaders they elect, some unfortunate weather-related calamities and how Obama is responsible for them.  (That's not satire.  There's plenty out there that is, just not the one linked at the end of the previous sentence.)

These items are hard to address and harder to fix, especially when the state legislature continues to underfund public education and the folks who write the textbooks consider Moses a Founding Father.

So the two pictures side-by-side below do not reveal the full scope of our problems, but they show enough for us to identify something that can be, and needs to be, immediately fixed.

And when the motorcycle gang members are protesting because they think they've been treated unfairly, or because the cops might be hiding something, then yes, we might have some deep-rooted issues.

We MUST get a handle on our municipal police departments' conduct, and that ain't just in Texas.


Gadfly said...

The second-last link of yours, the Atlantic piece by Friedersdorf? Man, what a hack hit job. Of course, he'a semi-libertarian on a lot of stuff like this.

PDiddie said...

You don't think the cops are hiding anything? I don't know that killing the messenger is the best response in this regard.