Friday, October 17, 2008

Noriega-Cornyn II reaction

None from here; I fell asleep. Those damned 7:30 a.m. dental appointments make for a day too long for this intrepid reporter. Here's what others had -- pre- and post-debate ...

--Did Burka really ask any of these questions?

-- R. G. Ratcliffe live-blogged; his conclusion is here. It looks like he could have written that before the debate. The preceding posts are a better account of the issues and answers; it sounds like John Corndog took the McNasty approach.

-- Our partisans also had the blow-by-blow; theirs too.

-- Socratic Gadfly has his usual caustic take (that's a good thing) and a better live-blog.

-- Prairie Fire Journal is a little irritated.

-- Victoria reminds us that there have been better faceoffs in history.

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