Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't you feel just a little bit sorry for the old guy?

Yes, he's been a mean, nasty, sorry old bastard, but then again something just isn't right with him...

And then there's this one.

It's not been PhotoShopped.

I know what this is all about -- at the conclusion of the debate, after Obama shook Bob Scheiffer's hand, McCain was going to go around the desk in the same direction to do so as well. But Scheiffer moved to his right, towards McCain's side of the table, and McCain had to change direction and come back to his side. He made a goofy face and a little back-and-forth dance when he did so, and this photo is that moment.

When people talk about Obama being poised, calm, collected -- that kind of ridiculous Obama Cool thing, where absolutely nothing gets to the guy -- it has to be considered in the context of John McCain's ... lack thereof.

There's no point in talking about anything the two men said when the images will be all that anyone remembers. Well, that and Joe the Plumber dude. He's going to be so rich he's going to have a huge tax increase next year.

Update: After the revelations that Joe isn't actually a plumber, that he owes back taxes, and that he is related round-about to Charles Keating ... I'm convinced that Joe the Plumber is actually Jeff Gannon in his latest (failed) incarnation.

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