Friday, October 24, 2008

The McCain Mutiny

If Colin Powell, Christopher Buckley, and Kenneth Adelman weren't enough, now there's Scotty McClellan.

Somebody call Rush Blimpbaugh today and ask him if it's because they're all African-Americans.

There's many more, of course. William Weld and Susan Eisenhower and C. C. Goldwater and Jim Leach and Lincoln Chafee and on and on like that.

And this week's headlines are all pretty miserable, too -- just as they have been for weeks now. If it's not Sarah Palin's wardrobe or her falsified expense accounts, it's McLame's monotonous bleating about taxes and Joe the Plumber. The malaise settling onto the Republican party like a Boston fog has as much to do with their failed ideology as it does their impending electoral wipeout.

So what's left to bitch about, then? Socialists and terrorists? ACORN and Ayers, but no "middle class". How's that working out?

Nemmind. I can see the success in that strategery.

Update: Ouch, that stings ...

Conservative legal scholar and Reagan Solicitor General Charles Fried, who just endorsed Obama, isn't just a Republican. He's actually one of McCain's campaign advisors.

Before they cycle down the memory hole, here's Fried on McCain's Honest and Open Election Committee and Justice Advisory Committee.

Key to his decision was McCain's "choice of Sarah Palin at a time of deep national crisis."

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