Tuesday, June 21, 2005

With all the material I have to blog about...

... two or three more lengthy things to say about Dem Fest; a rather flabbergasted report on a public forum I attended this evening about the Houston police brutality visited on Halliburton protestors last month -- with HPD in the room; Frist's flip-flop on Bolton and Durbin's weak-kneed apology for invoking Godwin's Law just today, and the only thing I want to post is:

"Adios, Mofo."

Oh yeah, it seems there are quite a few rumors floating around online that Rehnquist has resigned and no one with official knowledge will admit it.


Traveller said...

Yeah, the reporter was being interviewed on an Austin station as I pulled into the bank's auto teller to cash a cheque. I was laughing so hard the ladies behind the window (small town, everyone knows everyone) asked me what was funny. Didn't dare tell them. I betcha they love Mr. Hairdo. (Not gov for much longer, the mofo.)

PDiddie said...

At least we're not "crawling with crackheads and debutantes".