Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Toy Cannon in 1972.

There was a jersey retirement ceremony yesterday at Minute Maid Park for Jimmy Wynn, who has been one of my very favorite Astros from the time I sat in the shiny new Dome as a six-year-old (in the center field bleachers, with my glove, anticipating -- in that excitedly hopeful way that kids have -- a home run hit to me).

Wynn was, and still is, one of the humblest stars I ever watched. Even when he was told this past winter during a luncheon with owner Drayton McLane that his number would go into the rafters, he was speechless.

Congratulations to one of the true good guys.

Update: Tom Kirkendall, and via him John Brattain, each discuss in greater detail the Toy Cannon's career.


Traveller said...

There's something Pythonesque about "Minute Maid Park"!

What outsiders don't seem to know about Texas is the huge sense of humor which prevails in this state. That said, I don't know how that name has gone over...

PDiddie said...

How weird would you consider it to be if I told you that I proudly wear my cap and shirt that say "Enron Field" on them around town?

Traveller said...

I just knew you were a covert capitalist! Now that's the kind of outfit which could net you millions on EBay.