Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Regarding that call yesterday no one picked up

Billmon's probably right; it may not be all the liberal media's fault:

But it's still hard to escape the conclusion that the American people have had, generally speaking, plenty of opportunities to learn the filthy truth about this administration and this war -- that is, if they were actually interested in the truth, which many of them (up to 51%, judging from the last election) apparently are not.

What the health of the Republic requires, in other words, may not be a new crop of leakers and whistleblowers, or a fresh young generation of Woodwards and Bernsteins -- or even a more independent, aggressive media. What it may need is a new population (or half of a population, anyway), one that hasn't been stupified or brainwashed into blind submission, that won't look upon sadistic corruption and call it patriotism, and that will refuse to trade the Bill of Rights for a plastic Jesus and a wholly false sense of security.

That's a much taller order than asking the Gods to send us another Deep Throat -- or even a Luke Skywalker. It's also not an easy thing for liberals, with their old-fashioned faith in democracy, to face: That the Evil Emperor might have a majority (a narrow one, but still a majority) on his side. But a truth isn't any less true for being politically unpalatable.

Which is why right now it's easy for me to imagine Richard Nixon, looking up from the inner circle of hell and lamenting his immense bad luck in being elected to the presidency 30 years too soon.

God damn it.

I have another rant going over here about the people on our side who keep surrendering. I suppose I'm just a bit pissed this morning, so I better go hit the gym (before I hit someone).


Charles Turner said...

I've been almost as digusted with many Democrats as with the Republicans. If you're bound to go down anyway, go down telling the truth, fighting not whimpering.

PDiddie said...

Some Democrats -- not Howard Dean -- still think it's gauche to be partisan.

They can't seem to understand that's why they find themselves in the minority today.

Judging by the reaction to Dean's comments from pantywaists like Joe Biden and others, they're going to have to learn that being in the minority requires a different set of rules.