Thursday, June 02, 2005

This is exactly the reason

why I couldn't finish the Da Vinci Code.

And also the reason why I never posted why I could not. Everybody who wrote something there is pretty much spot on.


Traveller said...

I could kiss Andrew of Burnt Orange!

Truth be told, you get to an age when you can smell the crap from miles away. I don't even attempt to read stuff like that any more.

So why did I make an effort to watch part of "Empire Falls" the other night? Just to feel embarrassed for Ed and Paul and Joanne? I guess musta bin it...

PDiddie said...

Throw that television back out, pw.

You tell me what you want to watch and I'll watch it and blog it.

Modeling this service on Rush Limbaugh's radio program, I think I'll call it 'TV Guide for Dummies'.

Traveller said...

I kept HBO just for Idris Elba (main flame), though he's left "The Wire." So now I keep it because by mistake they switched World Link on -- and thus Amy Goodman. However, I'm about to get a dish for satellite internet and will probably have to dump even HBO and Amy to make room on my mast. Big deal in this household is sat radio, a real blessing.

(I got them tin roof blues...)

Blogging TV? Wouldn't that drive you nuts?