Friday, June 10, 2005

If you haven't read The Rude Pundit's take on Howard Dean...

... then by all means please go do so now.

It's filled with salty sailor talk, so if that sort of thing bothers you, then don't click here.

Here's just a sample:

Challenged on the Today show yesterday by Matt "Behold My Stubbly Mane That Indicates I Am a Grown-Up" Lauer, Dean picked up Lauer, slammed him on the faux coffee table and whispered, calmly, in Lauer's ear that Democrats are tired of being the bottoms of the political f*** machine. He said, "They have the agenda of the conservative Christians...the Republicans don't include people. Look, they are outside the mainstream." And Dean wasn't afraid to invoke truly inclusive Democratic ideas: "They have used words like quota to try to separate black from white Americans. They did scapegoat gay Americans by putting an anti-gay amendment on it--in 11 states where gay marriage is already against the law. And they are attacking immigrants. Two--two Republican congressmen, Jim Sensenbrenner and Tom Tancredo, have incredible anti-immigrant legislation. This is not the way America needs to be." Calling out motherf***ers for f***ing their mothers is as brutally truthful as politics gets.

Believe me, that's not even the best part.

Hands down Moneyshot Quote of the Week (in a week filled with worthy contenders).


Charles Turner said...

Just signed the Howard SDpeaks For Me pledge.

PDiddie said...

Thanks, ed. Did you also sign John Conyer's letter about the DSM?

Charles Turner said...

No, do you have a URL?

PDiddie said...

Yes, I certainly do:

Click here.

Charles Turner said...

Done, sir.