Sunday, June 12, 2005

"Freedom Fries" Congressman quits on Iraq

I find myself speechless -- well, nearly -- following the interview with Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina on "This Week" just now.

The Republican Congressman, a member of the House Armed Services committee, the guy who compelled the Capitol cafeteria to rename two of its offerings "Freedom Fries" and "Freedom Toast", will next week send a letter to the White House calling for a 'date certain' withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

When asked on whom he blamed the failures of the Iraq War --and was prodded by Stephanopoulis to blame Rumsfeld, or Bush -- he said:

"I blame the neoconservatives in the runup prior for providing bad information to the administration."

I cannot say I have ever heard a Republican use the word 'neoconservative' like that.

Rep. Jones apparently came to his change of heart after writing letters to the families of the fallen (and receiving letters back from them), and after attending a funeral for a soldier at Camp LeJeune, who among his survivors left twins he never saw.

The finger's out of the dike, folks.

When a GOP congressman of this man's once-proud conviction jumps off the war bandwagon -- the one, incidentally, Joe Biden is still on -- it's the beginning of the end.

For this war. Thank God.

There's no transcript up yet at ABC, but when there is, I'll post it in the comments.

Update: Congressman Jones, along with Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, will announce tomorrow their bipartisan legislation that will call on President Bush to 'set a plan for beginning the phase-out of US troops in Iraq.' A press conference will begin at 10:30 a.m. (presumably EDT).


Charles Turner said...

Fortunately, there are still some Republicans who have not embraced The Dark Side.

PDiddie said...

Crooks and Liars has a link to the video of the This Week interview shown yesterday morning, the one that I saw that motivated this post.

Transcripts are, according to, not posted until Fridays.

Traveller said...

Nice feeling of scaffolding around the Admin falling like toothpicks on the White House lawn.

Maybe the coffee's gone a little bitter and cold at the American Enterprise Institute, too.


BTW -- Interesting picture of the Clintons emerges from what sounds like an excellent book on them by John Harris, a WaPo reporter and editor. Not at all unsympathetic, measured, truthful. Interview here.

Fred said...

I saw the interview and thought George was going to break out the tissue. May things are starting to spin out of control for the boy wonder?

PDiddie said...

Thanks for the link, P. Listening right now.

Fred, Cong. Jones was fighting back tears. I find his change of heart genuine and refrshing, though he needs now to work on convincing his colleagues to join him in order for his conversion to have any lasting influence.