Sunday, June 19, 2005

Breakfast blogging

Went down the buffet line this morning with Barbara Radnofsky and Kos.

Kos and Jerome note how vital it is to take our activism offline; that elections aren't won by banging on keyboards, but by banging on doors. And just as elections and politics is local, so are the blogs evolving to reflect regional interests (I've noticed this even in my own posts here). Since our best opportunity to interact with our leaders and potential leaders is on a city and state level, then those issues will be the ones we know best -- and can blog intelligently about. Of course it all expands outward from there, even beyond our country's borders of course.

And by driving the change from the bottom -- just as the GOP did thirty years ago -- then you affect the long-term trends.

Barbara Radnofsky is speaking about breaking down the "babykiller" argument waged against the left by the anti-choice right. If, for example (as I have posted previously in regards to Planned Parenthood) we focus efforts on pregnancy prevention, then everybody can find a common place to agree. It's that old reframing thing ...

More coherent and lengthy postings later on today.


Ma Tiny said...

might i point out (yes i might) that hillary clinton is responsible for promoting at least three really important re-frames lately. first, unwanted pregnancy prevention. second, "where is the investigative reporting?" third, "they have no shame."

i'm liking this radnofsky. (i almost have to jump in other places' politics, 'cause we just had a mayoral election of 14 lefties versus 1 republican here in l.a., our senators rule, and my rep., xavier becerra, is great).

Othniel said...


It was great to hook up with you at DemFest!

We had a blast, and the networking will continue for a long time. It was especially great for those of us in the Austin Kossacks to meet everyone like you who came to town for the event.

Radnofsky's Blog has a lot of pics, including one of the infamous PDiddie himself,

PDiddie said...

Hillary's way out in front in the early polling, jami, and the GOP slime machine is rumbling to life. They are absolutely terrified of her. And I told Barbara to keep swinging, hard.

Likewise, Oth. This weekend was tremendous. Now we need to keep the momentum rolling ...

roses said...

Hey, PDiddie. Sorry I didn't manage to meet you at DemFest, but I thought you'd like to know that I included a link to this site in a diary I cross-posted on Daily Kos, MyDD, and BooMan Tribune about sources for DemFest reporting.

Anonymous said...

Hey PDittie
The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

I loved Barbara Radnofsky. She makes Kay Bailey look like a school girl.

"Tough Name
Smart Dame"
That bumper sticker says it all.


PDiddie said...

Rose, you're beautiful. Thanks.

Sonia, I told the Senator that I was I pleased to see she finally had some competition, and also pleased that she had come out swinging in the first round. (She needs to keep swinging -- hard.)

She told me she reads my blog (!)

roses said...

Hey, PDiddie, I saw you at the breakfast too and was going to come over to meet you...and what happened? That's the last thing I remember... It was kinda hectic, wasn't it, with so many bloggers in one place?! Self-inspired by my own diary of DemFest links, I am now planning to compile a DemFest compendium once the DemFest blogging fever dies down. So I'll collect any more DemFest links from B&E and anywhere else I find them--in the spirit of keepin the momentum going.

PDiddie said...

The compendiums you've already assembled are the best ones out there, roses. I'll link them in on a wrap-up post later in the week; I still have a lot to write about Dem Fest.

roses said...

Thanks, PDiddie. I'm looking forward to your writings on DemFest. To no one's surprise, DemFest has been ignored by the corporate media. As usual, it's up to bloggers to get the word out.

roses said...

Sonia, I love Barbara Radnofsky too. Did you see her barefoot at Stubb's? She is really down to earth (literally I guess, being barefoot!). I think she can give KB a run for her money. All we have to do is publicize KB's bad record on so many issues. OK, maybe that's not all we have to do, but I think Barbara can win with a lot of help from her friends.