Thursday, June 30, 2005

Light blogging ahead

during the holiday weekend.

Bush's speech was -- as expected -- a zero. I did notice that CNN and other MSM outlets seemed to have grown a pair in their coverage of it. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney have retreated to their undisclosed locations to plot their next attack on America's enemies (that would be the judiciary, the Senate, or the left in general but would not include Osama or al-Qaeda).

A calendar of progressive activist events coming in July has been posted at Houston Democrats and also the Democratic Underground.

Matthew Cooper -- as well as that douchebag of liberty, Robert Novak -- will probably avoid being jailed over the Plame affair, but it remains to be seen if Judith Miller will manage likewise.

Watch for one hell of a Friday afternoon document dump tomorrow.

This weekend at least, I think I'll stick to the chicken.


Traveller said...

We might want to make up a list of America's enemies. Osama? Zarkawi? Way down on the list. At and near the top, the entire Bush administration. Several CEO's. About 70% of Congress.

Herewith I turn the list over to you.

PDiddie said...

Hey, that's not the right list...

Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy tied for third (which goes to show you how long the right can cling to a boogeyman), Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi must be in there somewhere, the entire nation of France, and Al Franken.

I'll have to make sure the religious zealots in my family pray harder for them.

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