Saturday, June 18, 2005

Live from the center of the left

This is both the coolest thing and the hottest thing I've done in awhile.

Met some Kool Kidz (that would be you, Charlie and Umpire), met some campaign operatives (that's the obligatory Novak reference, Tim and Seth), got a hotel room that overlooks the cemetery (orbs are floating around all over the place, according to my digital camera), and I'm eating one of those scrumptious Doubletree cookies for breakfast (it's no wonder I'm diabetic, with diets like mine).

Good Christ, it's freaking sweltering outside, even at this hour.

Hm. I see Kay Bailey is going back on her word. That's going to have quite a constipating effect on the GOP bench players. David Dewness and Henry Vanilla (I've heard quite a few Latinos call him that, so I hope it's not racial or anything) have to sit tight for the rest of the decade. Poor them.

Which reminds me; I getta get over to the Capitol and grab a couple of Carole's free hot dogs at lunch today...

My picture's been taken a lot, total strangers have read my media credentials and told me how much they enjoy the blog, and a couple of the pols whom I've met a few times now even recognize me.

Damn, this being the media is the shiznit.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed meeting you, too. What a great event.