Tuesday, October 09, 2018

PAC $$$ to Beto's rescue

And not a minute too soon.

Isn't it a good thing he said he wasn't going to accept any?

On the bright side ... couldn't the same be said of Greg Abbott?  And Dan Patrick?  And Ken Paxton?  And Sid Miller?  Every last one of these sorry sumbitches are just like Trump: a weak man's idea of what a strong man looks like.  All talk.  All hat and no cattle.

(Keep an eye on that Upshot poll going on right now.  The early numbers look grim.)

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Gadfly said...

Now, now, this is that "no direct coordination" loophole. Surely the bipartisan O'Rourke will "denounce"? "abhor"? this ad at any moment.

That said, Havana Ted will surely ask Beto to also condemn the foul "kick his ass" language, and that said, it IS a good ad.