Monday, December 19, 2016

The Week-Before-Xmas Wrangle

With the last weekly blog post roundup before Christmas, the Texas Progressive Alliance would like to enlist in the annual 'War' on Christmas, but can't find a recruiting station.

Off the Kuff analyzed Fort Bend election results with an eye on 2018.

Socratic Gadfly looked at the ongoing post-election Wikileaks fallout, and addressed issues about what constitutes both journalism and democratic process, along with side issues about elitism.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme is tired of Texas Republicans harassing and humiliating women and the poor. Fake abortion requirements and drug testing of benefit recipients serve no other purpose than to make Texas white nationalists feel superior.

Neil at All People Have Value said it is a mistake to follow the bright lights while ignoring the abyss beyond. APHV is part of

jobsanger points out the irony that a relative of LBJ, US Rep. Sam Johnson of Texas, has already introduced legislation to make Social Security less secure for retirees.

With Rick Perry and Rex Tillerson tapped to join Trump's cabinet, PDiddie at Brains and Eggs found the two Texans too oily for his taste.

The Lewisville Texan Journal writes about falling into, and rising out of, homelessness in that city.

The Houston Press takes note of one of the first items on new Harris County DA Kim Ogg's agenda: fire a whole bunch of staff.

And Politifact Texas names Fake News as the Lie of the Year.


And here's more from other Texas blogs and news outlets!

The Texas Election Law Blog shares some thoughts on today's Electoral College vote.

Chris Hooks at the Texas Observer went to see the five candidates running for DNC chair, who all spoke in Austin this past Saturday.

The FWST presents episode 18 of 'Titletown, TX', also known as Aledo, as their high school football team pursues its sixth state championship in eight seasons.

BOR looks at the coming legislative attack on Texas unions.

Adam Tutor suggests giving the gift of non-profit support this holiday season.

Better Texas Blog highlights income inequality in Texas.

The TSTA Blog calls Greg Abbott "clueless" on special education needs.

Murray Newman eulogizes longtime Harris County courthouse figure Rick Johnson.

And the Salon of Somervell County has some big plans for 2017.


Gadfly said...

You've got Ted's blog post linked again at the Lewisville link ...

PDiddie said...

Hate it when that happens. Corrected, thanks.

Gadfly said...

Nemo problema; I often add a few of your links beyond what Kuff has, and that's how I noticed.