Tuesday, July 05, 2016

James Comey saves Hillary's bacon

Takes the heat off Loretta Lynch and any federal grand jurors in the process.  It was a pretty harsh scolding the FBI director gave the former Secretary of State in his public statement moments ago, but that's all it was.

I don't think the fire has been extinguished, but the bad weather is blowing over.

In chronological order:

So it was necessary, as referenced here, for there to be malfeasant intent, not just sloppiness or incompetence.  That's the part I got wrong; she didn't mean to, and that's okay.

I suppose there would have had to have been evidence that somebody died as a result of her mishandling of classified information.  But perhaps not even then.  Killing your own credibility and trustworthiness is no crime, after all.

Especially when it was already dead.

Update: It seems the law is quite clear about intent.


faithchatham@gmail.com said...

This is a crock. Republican James Comey didn't follow his agencies procedures. He violated protocol when he stated more than "no reason to prosecute." He was disappointed that he didn't find anything so when with his partisan bias and assisted those he thinks will further his career. The state department says that none of the emails were classified at the time she sent or received them. He merely muddied the waters and gave the Hillary haters more opportunities to continue with their accusations even though there is nothing here that is criminal.

PDiddie said...

You're drunk on Blue Kool-Aid, Faith. You need to stick to Congress critters you don't know anything about (like James Cargas being an environmental superstar).