Monday, February 23, 2015

Texans' Arian Foster invited to meet Jill Stein in Houston tonight

He has not yet responded to my invitation.

The 'actually' part refers to this 2012 NFL Network interview, via Foster's Wikipedia page, where he says he's "in the Green Party"... but indicated he was voting for Ron Paul.  As much as Foster likes to shine on the media, there are several interpretations of what he meant here, one being that "Green" might need to be lower case, and that the color reference could be to money or to marijuana.

Still waiting for clarification from the man on that as well.

After her appearance over the weekend in Denton, you can also meet Dr. Stein in town tonight...

...and on Tuesday afternoon at Texas A&M, Tuesday night at Lone Star College-Kingwood, and on Wednesday evening in Laredo. All the details on times and locations can be found here.

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