Thursday, September 26, 2013

Things I would rather not blog about

-- Ted Cruz ruining my Green Eggs and Ham, because the moral of the story zoomed over his head.  If this putz is the smartest TeaBagger in the country, then what's the real problem?  Why, it's that all the rest of them are so much more stupid than him, of course.

-- Greg Abbott filing his thirtieth lawsuit against the Obama administration, this time over a UN treaty.  Another guy who panders to the worst elements in society -- conservatives clinging and crapping their pants in fear of 'the other' -- because he understands that these morons can be manipulated so easily that he can ride that wave right into higher office.

-- Meanwhile, in a nation where Democratic base voters are yet to be fully convinced that voting in every election could, you know, change things like this... Republicans brag about the fact that they won't.  (This also factors into the reasons why elected officials think the people who elected them are more conservative than they actually are.)

Republicans are literally daring us to vote them out of office at this point.  Because they don't think it will happen.

-- I'd also rather not blog about Ben Hall's latest teevee commercial, because while it's less weird and more on target than his previous efforts -- a politician who became a millionaire while in office is a legitimate, populist, and effective argument against career politicians -- Ben Hall is just the wrong messenger.  It doesn't matter how hard his tail hit the ground when it fell off, either.

It does make me want to vote for the Socialist or the Green, however.  Somebody who's actually not capable of being bought off.

But keep in mind that Parker and Hall are sitting on fat wads of cash, they don't like each other a lot, and your television and mailbox are on the verge of being inundated with their focus-grouped, consultant-produced slime.

You want to know the worst part?  People will still be led to believe that the best way to evaluate a politico's electoral prospects is to see how much money they can raise.

Now do you see why I didn't want to write any of that?

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