Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's all conservative, most of the time

Stan Stanart's continuing snafus aside, here's a flash on some election results of note.

-- James Cargas 58%, Lissa Squiers 42%, 80% of precincts reporting.

If it goes to 60-40, then it would match the percentages in the primary of Blue Dogs to progressives. Conservative Dems split their votes between Cargas and Phillip Andrews in the first round.

Being able to torment the Corporate Democrat for the next three months really isn't a bad consolation prize.

-- Paul Sadler 63%, Grady Yarbrough 37%, 85% reporting. Sadler immediately challenges Ted Cruz to a debate.

“So far, many people have not heard my message and I am looking forward for the chance in the coming months,” Sadler said. “I challenge my opponent Ted Cruz to a debate on the issues that affect Texans. I will meet him any time, any place, anywhere.”

Not all of the contests tonight were disappointing. Pete Gallego bested Ciro Rodriguez in CD 23, Marc Veazey got past Domingo Garcia in CD 33. Those are two progressive victories and two likely new Democrats in Congress next year. The real surprise of the night locally has to be Gene Wu trouncing Jamaal Smith in HD 137. I expected something much closer.

But even as the Democrats nominated right-leaning candidates, the Republicans went further right, and not just with Cruz.

-- Pearland's Randy Weber will face Nick Lampson for the right to replace Ron Paul in Congress.

"Voters had a clear choice," he said Tuesday night... "They want someone to go into there and stop the liberal agenda." 

Yeah... no.  Lampson should win the seat and a flip from R to D.

-- Steve Stockman 55%, Stephen Takach 45%, with 61% of precinctb reporting.

The newly-created CD36 can't be seriously considering sending Stockman back to Washington. Let's hope Louie Gohmert doesn't get a butthole buddy. Max Martin is the Democrat in the fall tilt.

-- Christi Craddick over Warren Chisum and Barry Smitherman over somebody for Texas Railroad Commission. Michael "Bowtie" Williams and Elizabeth Ames Jones never looked so good.

-- John Devine narrowly over David Medina for the Texas Supreme Court. Guess those runaway grand jurors made something stick after all.

-- Speaker Joe Straus is having a bad night. Sid Miller, Chuck Hobson, Bill Keffer, and Jim Landtroop are all losing. So is state Sen. Jeff Wentworth, to Donna Campbell. None of these incumbents could have been considered "libruls" except in Tea Party Bizarro World.

In other words, the Texas Republican primary.

More tomorrow.

Update: The Tea-GOP picked the white guy over the black guy in their sheriff runoff. They might have had a chance in this race in November had they not.


Greg said...

"butthole buddy" -- Damn, that sounds like a homophobic slur. You've clearly been spending too much time with Cobarruvias.

PDiddie said...

Yes, I probably should have said asshole buddies. Just me being too sensitive again.

On the other hand, if you have inside infomation that Stockman and/or Gohmert is gay, you should break that news. I could be swayed to be even more sensitive toward them. After I finish laughing at and pointing out their vast hypocrisy, of course.

Do remind both men that there is a kiss-in at Chick-fil-A locations around the nation on Friday, would you?