Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wieners and loosers

Going short today because recent posts have run a little long.  Seriously; as short as I could.

-- Bernie won.  Bigly.  Even his detractors at Daily Kos approve of the Unclogged, Stented Bern (as reflected in the comments).  A calmer, quieter, yet still smoldering and intense Bern got after Trump, made his case for the GND and M4A, and was applauded by his peers after thanking them for their well wishes.  Then at the conclusion of the debate, the endorsement of the cycle broke.  Not Bill O'Reilly's, either.

That's called momentum.

-- Warren held serve for the most part, but everybody thinks she needs to a) actually have a healthcare plan, and b) defend a little better whatever it is she supports at the moment.

Some talking heads say she won because she survived.  Others say not so much.  Meh.

I did enjoy watching her bust Biden's balls, though ...

-- Biden wasn't the biggest loser, but only because there were two other nasty neoliberals trying to steal his eroding base of voters.

Biden’s most aggressive moment in the debate was his most cringeworthy. After he claimed that he was the only person on the stage who’d gotten big things done, Warren noted that she had ushered in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the first regulatory agency built in a generation, and did so over the fierce objections of Wall Street. Biden responded by claiming loudly that he had gone to the Senate and secured votes for it. That claim is dubious at best; Biden had no public presence in the debate over the CFPB and people involved with the fight over it say he did little to nothing behind the scenes, either.

In shouting and pointing at Warren and attempting to take credit for her signature achievement, he finished with a verbal pat-on-the-head: “You did a hell of a job at your job,” he told her.

It escapes me as to why any woman with an ounce of self-respect would so much as consider -- any more than one would for Trump -- casting their ballot for Biden.

But there were shittier centrists on the debate stage last night, and their names are Pete Buttigeig and Amy Klobuchar.

-- I wrote yesterday that Boot Edge tops my shit parade.  Everything he did last night, and prior, cemented his standing.

I would have liked seeing him go after Warren on the basis of her disingenuousness on a variety of issues beyond M4A, but she left herself open for that.  Maybe I shouldn't be too picky.  Then again ...

And ...

And ...

I could not be more out on Pocket Change Pete.  But Minnesota Nice is right behind him.

I can't take any more, but the establishments want another serving.

-- So Bernie's a winner, Biden's a wiener and a loser, Boot Edge and Bathroom Book Collector are losers, and Warren gets a draw on my scorecard.

-- Sadly, Beto and Castro did not do what they needed to.  Loosers, not losers.

-- Kamala flopped.  Loser.

(Harris) made a curious decision in choosing to challenge Warren to call on Twitter to suspend Trump’s account, part of a larger discussion about checking the influence of big tech. It seemed to miss the point of the conversation -- holding big tech accountable means kicking trump off Twitter? -- and Warren did not take the bait.

-- Gabbard and Steyer also came up losers on everybody's list.  Booker did the same thing he always does: "Hey y'all, stop fighting".  "I'm a vegan."  "Aren't I a swell guy?"  Looser.  Yang's online cult is growing but nobody knows what it portends.  Wiener.

-- Far and away, the biggest loser was CNN.

The last twenty minutes wasted on some sort of 'let the healing begin' attempt.  Let's not spare the rest of our corporate media's blathering bobbleheads.

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