Friday, September 27, 2019

Twenty Twenty Update: Gabbard, Castro, Warren

Impeachment broke on Wednesday; updates in the Twitter feed.

-- Bag-eyed Gadfly should be pleased to learn I'm no longer "twerking for Tulsi".  If she's backing away from Medicare for All, I'm off the bandwagon.

Her overly generous welcome to Indian PM Narendra Modi last weekend knocked the legs out of any support I could continue to give for her foreign policy.

I'm still glad she ruined Kamala Harris, and I hope she's planning on doing the same to Liz Warren in a couple of weeks ...

... but I won't be anywhere near her corner otherwise.

-- Julian Castro joins Cory Booker in the 'help me or I'm over' camp.

I'm with Jim Zogby here.

Nobody on the DNC seems to have learned a cotton-picking thing from having rigged the nomination for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

-- Warren doesn't just have issues; she's got subscriptions.

Let me underscore that facts are not attacks.  My biggest problem with Warren isn't her foreign policy, or her being a Republican until 1996, or even her 'capitalist to my bones' remark.

It's that she's also moving right on M4A.

Very much looking forward to the October debate.  Aren't you?

-- Plebis Project has a lengthy interview with Green Party presidential candidate Ian Schlakman, on YouTube, posted.

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